Case-9: A Young Girl Fully Recovered From PCOD In one Year By Treatment At Life Force

A young vivacious girl who was a tax professional from Hyderabad (Patient reference PIN: 29690) visited Life Force, Mumbai on 5th September 2016 with the complaints of PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) that she was suffering since five years. She had complaints of irregular scanty menses with a significant weight gain. She had gained almost 15 to 20 kilograms of weight in the past five years. She also had progressive hair fall. The patient’s major concern was unusual facial hair growth which was increasing day-by-day. It affected her self-esteem and confidence on a daily basis. It made her feel conscious and so she would shy away from socializing. 

Her sonography report done on 29.12.2014 revealed the following details:
Mild bulky ovaries with multiple small peripheral and central follicular cysts suggestive polycystic ovarian disease. Another important finding was that the testosterone being high (18.10.2011) Testosterone: 100 which is confirmatory of PCOD.

She was also suffering from mood swings, and she had become irritable by nature since these complaints had started. She was also a known case of hypothyroidism since seven years for which she was already on thyroid supplements. Her latest TSH being 7.50 (4.4.2016).

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Physical Generals:

By diet, she was vegetarian with a good appetite. She had a craving for spicy food. Her perspiration was quite profuse and offensive which would stain her clothes yellow. Thermally, she was sensitive to hot weather. 

Past History:

There was no major illness in the past except mild jaundice, which got better without any treatment

Self And Family:

She was the only child of her parents. Her father had expired due to cardiac arrest, and she was living with her mother. 

Mental Generals:

She described herself as being sensitive and introvert by nature. She used to get attached to people easily. She had very few friends, but gives her life to them. She was very attached to her mother and had insecurity about her as she stays alone. She had a morbid fear of heights.

At the work front, she was a perfectionist.


After reviewing the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed medicines for two months. She was advised to follow strict diet and exercise regimen. Also, she was advised to repeat a series of tests in order to rule out any other deficiencies that would hinder the process of recovery. The scope of homeopathy in case of PCOD with hypothyroidism in the background was explained.


The first follow-up was given online by the patient on 4th November 2016. She also submitted her reports online which revealed the following:-
Hb 13.3
T3 106
T4 10.50
TSH 6.39
Serum Vitamin D3 8.78
Serum Vitamin b12 200
Serum Ferritin 32

She was informed about the levels of vitamin B12 and vitamin D to be low and was prescribed supplements for the same. She mentioned about an overall 25% to 30% of recovery. Also, she mentioned that her menstrual cycle was now regularized and she felt much calmer now. Further medicines were couriered to the patient to Hyderabad as per her feedback.

The second follow-up dated 6th February 2017 was a stable one. She mentioned an overall 40% improvement in her health condition. The menses were now regular, but still scanty. The best thing that she mentioned was that her kilo of weight was reduced which was a challenging task for her. She was advised to recheck thyroid levels and submit the report in the next follow-up.

The patient gave her next follow-up online on 6th July 2017, where she exclaimed her worry about the facial hair which was still progressive. Her thyroid levels were now normal 9/5/17 TSH: 4.097. She was informed that the TSH levels being normal is also important for PCOD recovery. She was advised regular exercise for weight management as obesity is one of the main causes of PCOD. 

Later, when the patient visited for her follow-up on 15th September 2017, her reports talked about the success of treatment. The sonography reports were normal as well as the testosterone levels were drastically reduced after comparing the previous reports. The facial hair was under control but still persisted. However, with the knowledge of the fact that facial hair growth cannot be stopped and can only be controlled, she was happy that she was relieved of her disease. The patient shared her experience through a video. 


- Written by Dr. Kanchan, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah 

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