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16-Years-Old Boy Got A Big Relief From Psoriasis With Homeopathy

A 16-years-old boy, Mr. KBG (PIN 32357), who was a student, visited Life Force, Thane branch on the 5th of June 2017. The patient was diagnosed with scalp psoriasis which progressed to his body in the form of Guttate Psoriasis since the last 3-4 months. He was on steroids and Ayurvedic treatment since the time he was diagnosed with Psoriasis.

Besides this, the patient was a known case of Epilepsy and Mental retardation since the age of 1 year and was also operated for congenital anomaly of anus when he was 3-months-old. Tab Tegeral for Koch’s Meningitis, which he was taking daily for the past 2 years, had led to Psoriasis.

He had an obese structure. He used to consume a mixed diet (vegetarian + non-vegetarian) and used to crave for meat, milk, and sour foods. He had an aversion to spicy foods. His thirst and appetite were average. His perspiration was profuse and offensive on the back, face, and scalp. His bowels were satisfactory and he enjoyed a refreshing sleep.

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He had a happy childhood. He used to be shy while talking to strangers, but he was obstinate too. When angry, he used to speak loudly and throw things. He suffered the fear of darkness and of being alone. 

Dr. Shah studied this case in detail, and, based on the study, prescribed him his research based medicines for 6 weeks.

After 6 weeks of the treatment, patient visited our Thane branch for his first follow-up on 19th July 2017. There was 60% improvement in his relief from Scalp and Guttate Psoriasis and a marked relief in itching.

After another 6 weeks of treatment, the patient visited for his second follow-up on 6th October 2017. This time there was 75% improvement in his relief from the psoriasis discomfort.

Patient is still following the treatment from Life Force and is doing well.


This case highlights that Dr. Shah's research based medicines are proven time and again to provide you good results and ease your sufferings when you happen to suffer from psoriasis.

- Written by Dr. Krutika, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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