A Teen Boy Never Got Any Relapse Of Nephrotic Syndrome With Homeopathy

A 19-years-old boy, Mst. A.R Yadav (PIN 28708) from Malad, Mumbai visited Life Force Clinic on 11th June 2016 to get his complaints of Nephrotic Syndrome treated. When he visited us, he was suffering from the complaints of swelling all over the body, puffiness around eyes, and generalized weakness since 4 months. 

For this problem, he was on following medicines as suggested by his doctor:

A.Tab Omnacortil 20mg 2 times daily- (Corticosteroid)
B.Tab Telma 40 mg twice daily- (Angiotensin 2 receptor antagonist)
C.Tab Cilacar 10 mg once daily - ( Calcium channel Blocker)
D.Tab Crevast 10 mg daily- (Rosuvastatin)
E.Tab Endoxan 50mg - 3 tablets 1 time for 3 days - (Cyclophosphamide)

Even after taking these medicines, his condition was not under control.

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1)Kidney Biopsy (5th April 2016) - Minimal change Lesion

Urine Routine:
1)Albumin In Urine - (11/5/2017): +++
2)Albumin In Urine - (25/4/2016): ++++
3)Albumin In Urine - (20/3/2016): +
4)Albumin In Urine - (27/2/2016): ++++

The patient's diet was mixed and he had an average appetite. He had cravings for salt, milk, and sweets. His perspiration was profuse and generalized. The patient was more tolerant to warm weather. In terms of body structure, patient was obese and had tendency of scar formations.

Patient’s family consisted of his father, who owned a shop, mother, who was a homemaker, and 2 brothers, of which the elder brother was a constable and the other brother had completed his BE. His family was a happy family with no major conflicts.

The patient had fear of darkness at times. He was afraid of dogs and lizards as well. He used to respond slowly to things. He is very reserved and less talkative. He would brood over things all the time. His confidence was good.

Only his father had a history of Diabetes in his family.
The patient had infections of Typhoid and malaria in the past i.e. in early 2015.

After studying his case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed him Calcarea Carbonica 30c along with research-based homeopathic medicines and asked him to give follow-up every 6 weeks.

He was informed about the appropriate diet to be followed in this condition.

In the first 6 months, patient’s symptoms were better and his protein in urine was absent. Slowly, his all other conventional medicines were tapered and then stopped. 

He is feeling quite better with the treatment, and he got no relapse till now. He is still under our treatment for long-term monitoring. 

The patient is very happy with the positive results and response.


Nephrotic Syndrome can be effectively treated with Homeopathic medicines, although long-term treatment is advised to avoid relapses. It is recommended to opt for treatment which is safe and harmless as well as effective particularly for children.

- Written by Dr. Bhoomi, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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