A Lady Experienced Good Recovery From Hyper-Pigmentation With Life Force Treatment

A 55-years-old female patient from Pune, Mrs S. R. (PIN 27927) visited Life Force Pune Sasoon branch on 10th February 2017 for her complaints of hyper-pigmentation. She had blackish pigmentation over her armpits, inguinal region, shoulder, breast fold, and waist area from the past six months. She was suffering from intense itching and burning over the affected area. She took convectional medicines, but her condition was as it is. 

She also had complaints of underactive thyroid from the past four years, and for that she was on conventional treatment so it was under control.

Mrs. S. R. was a stout lady. She preferred veg diet. There was a marked craving for sweets. She was sensitive to cold. Her sleep was distributed and interrupted a lot.

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Mrs. S. R. was a home maker. Her husband was retired from Tata Motors. Her son was in management field, and her daughter was an engineer. She had good interpersonal relationship with everyone in the family.

She had ulcer in abdomen before many years.

Her mother had suffered from hyper-pigmentation. Her sister had photo sensitivity. 

Mrs. S. R. was very shy and nervous lady. She had suffered a lot. She did lots off sacrifices for her family, but she was never appreciated. She had a stressful life after marriage. And, due to all this she became irritable.

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed Sepia 200c in addition to his research based molecules for hyper-pigmentation.

Mrs. S. R. visited for the first follow-up on 28th March 2016. Her overall condition was as it was earlier. There was no improvement or deterioration in her condition. 

She reported over the phone on 26th September 2016. There was overall 25% improvement in her condition. Her itching and burning had reduced up to 70%. 

She gave her follow-up on 29th April 2017. There was 70% improvement in her blackish discoloration. Her itching and burning had reduced by 70%.

Mr. S. R. gave her feedback on 12th September 2017. There was 95% improvement in her condition. Her spots were much better. Her itching and burning was 100% reduced. 


This case highlights that wild spread skin diseases respond to well-selected homeopathic medicines and can be treated effectively.

- Written by Dr Ishwari, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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