15-Years-Old IBS Complaint Showed Excellent Result With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 30-years-old married male patient, Mr. N.V.S. (PIN 28050) visited Paud center on 26th Feb 2016 with complaints of IBS. He used to suffer from a lot of heaviness and bloating of the abdomen and flatulence since the last 15 years. He had complaints of acidity & diarrhea (stool semisolid 3-4 times/day). After passing the stools, he used to experience severe weakness. Apart from this, he also had the complaints of urticaria, hair fall, & lipoma.

He was vegetarian by diet. He liked spicy food a lot, but he didn’t have any specific disliking. His thirst was normal. His stool was not-satisfactory. His perspiration was average. His sleep was disturbed. His physique was normal.

He had the complaint of tonsil & pneumonia in the past. His mother & sister had acidity complaints. His father had a heart complaint.

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He has been preparing for I.A.S. exam since 3-4 yrs. And, he was suffering from a lot of stress & anxiety due to certain problems in the family. Constant anxiety, especially for the examination, is an important aspect of his case. Thus, his mental status was predominantly related to his all symptoms of IBS.

After studying his case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed him research-based molecule.

On 6th April 2016, he gave his first follow-up. He had experienced an improvement in his condition. He experienced 60%-70% improvement in a few symptoms like weakness after stool & anxiety. In other symptoms, he experienced 25% improvement. 

On follow-up on 14th September 2016, his condition had improved by more than 30%. But, sometimes his condition used to get fluctuated due to stress. He was preparing for I.A.S. exam so his anxiety & stress levels were very high. For that reason, our doctor advised him to take the anxiety medicine separately. So, he started the treatment for anxiety too.

He gave his next follow-up on 28th October 2016. All his symptoms were showing very good results. His IBS symptoms were improved by 40%-50%. His anxiety symptoms had also improved by 35%. His general well-being was improved significantly. He was very happy with the result.

On 28th March 2017, when he gave his next follow-up, his condition was under control. His relief from anxiety had improved a bit. 

On his follow-up on 24th June 2017, his IBS complaint was more than 60% improved. All his symptoms, such as bloating of abdomen, diarrhea 3-4times/day, not relieved by defecation & weakness after stool, and other symptoms, showed a good improvement. His relief from anxiety was also improved. 

On his follow-up on 28th October 2017, his condition was improved by more than 90%. He was not facing any problems. All his symptoms had shown a drastic improvement. His anxiety was also improved by more than 80%. He was very happy with the result.

Still patient is continuing the medicine for further improvement.


Homeopathy is highly effective in treating a long-standing IBS condition and providing the patient a great relief from IBS.

- Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah.

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