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11-Years-Old Boy Got Psoriasis Treated Effectively With Homeopathy

An 11-years-old boy, Master A.S.B. (PIN 29286) visited Lifeforce Homeopathy with his parents on 18th July 2016 for getting his psoriasis treated. When he visited us for the first time, he told that he was suffering from it since 5 years. His condition was more noticeable on the left ankle as a dry circular patch which was accompanied with itching and burning. There are phases of complete remission in his disease. Also, the condition was seen on his palms and soles as deep cracks, which used to bleed at times with some discharge. It used to get aggravated usually during the winters and on coming in contact with dust.

He was vegetarian, and he had cravings for fried stuff and sour food. He disliked meat. He used to get profuse sweat, which more seen on his face with odor. Thermally, he was more tolerant to the warm weather and summers. His bowel habits were not satisfactory. He had to strain most of the time. His urine had some kind of odor as well.

His birth was by Lower segment Cesarian section and his birth weight was 3.8gms.

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His family consisted of his parents and one sister. His father was into business, his mother was a homemaker, and his sister is elder to him by 2 years and was studying.

He used to turn irritable if the things would go against his wish. He had a fear of dark and closed room. He used to mix easily with everybody and would share his toys & eatables. By nature, he was helpful. He had a sharp memory and he could remember things easily.

His father had psoriasis, which was genetically linked to the patient. Also, his mother was asthmatic and there was a strong history of Diabetes seen in his grandfathers from maternal and paternal side.

Dr. Shah studied the whole case in detail and prescribed Calcarea Carbonicum 30c along with his research-based homeopathic medicines and asked the patient to come for follow-up within 6 weeks.

In the first few months, we could observe gradual improvement in some of his affected areas and, in some areas, we could see new lesions coming up.

In another 6 months, his relief from psoriasis got 60% better in terms of lesions, itching, and dryness. The patient also mentioned about unsatisfactory stools in his follow-ups and that was taken care with medicines.

In another 3 months, his relief from psoriasis got almost 90% better with homeopathic medicines. He no more had any complaints of dryness and red-colored lesions with itching. The patient is off medicines now and happy with the service at Life Force!


Auto-Immune disease, like psoriasis, in children can be successfully treated effectively with homeopathy rather than giving local corticosteroids and other immuno-suppressive drugs.

- Written by Dr. Bhoomi, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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