90% Recovery From Psoriasis Achieved With Dr. Shah's Treatment By An Elderly Lady

A 78-years-old lady, Mrs. M. M. K. (PIN 15503) visited Life Force on 16th February 2011. She was suffering from psoriasis since eight months. She had developed patches on her left leg, left ankle, and, since a week, on the right ankle. She reported that psoriasis had started with a small patch on her left ankle that was misdiagnosed as eczema. She was experiencing severe itching and redness on her lesions with pricking and burning sensation. Her left leg was swollen with patches, which were rapidly spreading up towards the knee. Her complaints used to increase in the winters and would get better after bathing with the cold water. She was taking homeopathic treatment at a reputed homeopathic clinic since seven to eight months. She was also using a moisturizing cream manufactured by them since one month. She was taking vitamins and calcium supplements too. There was no family history of psoriasis. 

She was a known case of high blood pressure since four to five years. She was taking conventional medicines for the same. 

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She was also suffering from arthritis since 20 years. Her right knee was more painful than her left knee. Occasionally, she would experience swelling on both the knees. She was taking treatment for 20 years at the same homeopathic clinic and would take painkillers once or twice a week.

She was a non-vegetarian with an average appetite. She was fond of spicy food and fish. She had an excessive thirst with profuse perspiration. She was feeling uncomfortable in the hot weather. Her sleep was sound.

She was a housewife, and her husband had retired from service.
She had a strong family history of heart disease and hypertension. Her parents had passed away due to heart disease. Her sister was suffering from cervical spondylitis and joint’s pain. Her brother was having high blood pressure. 

She was very anxious in nature. She would get tensed over small matters. She was very short-tempered. When angry, she would shriek or would beat. She was straightforward and helpful in nature.

She was prescribed Calcerea Fluoricum 200c and Carcinosin 200c along with a few research-based medicines, after a detailed case-analysis by Dr. Shah.

When she visited the clinic on 7th June 2011 for a follow-up, her psoriasis was 50% better. Redness and oozing of the discharge was also less. Itching had reduced significantly. Burning was still present, but she would feel better after the application of cold water. Swelling over her ankles was less. Swelling over her knee joints due to severe osteoarthritis was slightly better. Research medicines which were relevant to the follow-up were prescribed.

On 15th October 2011, her grand-daughter reported that she had suffered from heart attack for which she was hospitalized. She had started taking conventional medicines. Her psoriasis discomfort, which was better all this time, got increased after this event. Based on this development, she was prescribed revised research molecules by Dr. Shah.

She herself visited clinic on 4th January 2012. Her psoriasis was better on legs as well as ankles. Dr. Shah prescribed research medicines to her.

Later, she came for a follow-up on 1st October 2012. Psoriasis on her legs and ankles was better, and oozing had decreased. The skin on her ankles was rough with cracks in it, but the redness was little less. Dr. Shah continued the medicines till the next follow-up. 

Her psoriasis was getting better later until six months. On 18th April 2013, she reported that psoriasis on her both the lower legs and ankles has increased since two months. Oozing from the lesions was not much. Scaling and burning was present. Swelling and itching was less. Dr. Shah prescribed for her revised medication.

On 5th November 2013, her daughter reported that psoriasis on her ankles and feet was steadily improving. There was a slight oozing from the lesions over her ankles. However, the lesions on lower legs had reduced. Redness was also less. Knee pain had increased. There was stiffness, which was experienced more on sitting than usual. 

She suffered from lumbar spine fracture on 26th January 2014 as result of fall from the bed and underwent surgery for the same. Later, when her daughter reported about psoriasis on 22nd April 2014, she said there was 80% relief in psoriasis on her legs and ankles. Her swelling and redness was much better.

When she gave a telephonic follow-up on 5th November 2014, her psoriasis was better by 90%. She was bed-ridden after surgery of fractured lumbar spine. The previous prescription was repeated.

On 15th April 2015, when her daughter visited to give the follow-up, her psoriasis continued to stay 90% better. Only the post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation was left. She was still bed-ridden. There was a significant weight loss as result of low appetite. She was having weakness with a difficulty in sitting. 

Her daughter gave a follow-up on 18th August 2015. The patient’s psoriasis still continued to be in an improved condition with just the post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. Dr. Shah repeated the same medicines till the next follow-up.

On 19th August 2016, she gave her follow-up over the phone. There was more than 90% improvement in her condition. Only scars were left. Her itching, redness, and scaling were also reduced.

On 11th July 2017, when she reported over phone, there was more than 95% improvement in her. Her arthritis also reduced by 75%. Her pain and stiffness had reduced.

Later, when she gave her follow-up on 29th December 2017, there was 100% improvement in her condition. Her itching, redness, and scaling were also reduced. No new spots had appeared. Her arthritis was also reduced a lot. 


The above case study highlights the good effects resulting due to homeopathy are long-lasting. Chronic diseases like psoriasis are effectively treated even in the elderly age group with homeopathy.

- Written by Dr. Ishwari, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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