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A MBR Professional Got Promising Results In Lichen Planus At Life Force

A 35-years-old middle-aged woman, Ms. R.M. (PIN 29361) visited Life Force, Chembur branch on 27th July 2016

She was diagnosed with lichen planus since one year. She had developed dark brownish hyperpigmented, raised eruptions on her lower and upper extremities, back, neck, and abdomen. She was suffering from tremendous itching and burning in the eruptions.

She had taken homeopathic treatment from Dubai for 3 months and Tablet Prednisolone 5 mg in December 2015 for 21 days.

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She was also suffering from migraine since three years. She experienced throbbing pain in her left temples and nausea during the episode. She found a temporary relief by taking Paracetamol.

She was fair, obese, & had a flabby stature. She used to consume a mixed diet. Her appetite was average. She used to consume an average quantity of water every day. She had craving for sweets & chicken. She passed satisfactory stools every day. She enjoyed a sound sleep.

Her father suffered from ischemic heart disease, and her mother suffered from hypertension.

She was anxious, oversensitive, and cried over small things. She had a fear of flying and being alone.

Dr. Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed her one of the research-based medicines.

After six months of the treatment on 20th February 2017, she had experienced 50% improvement in lichen planus. She observed no new eruptions and no further spread in lichen planus.

After 12 months of the treatment on 4th July 2017, her old spots had turned lighter. She observed overall 75% improvement in her condition. Itching and burning in her eruptions had decreased gradually.

After 17 months of the treatment on 21st December 2017, she has observed no relapse since 12 months. She is still under our care.


Homeopathy has proved to be very effective in treating lichen planus and provides long-lasting recovery instead of a temporary relief.  

- Written by Dr. Karishma, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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