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Complete Recovery From Vertigo Achieved With Dr. Shah’s Medicines In 3 Months

70-years-old Mr. P. K. K. was an old retired port trust officer residing in Chembur, Mumbai. He had a daughter who was M.D. in chest medicine. She had seen Dr. Shah’s clinic and decided to start her father’s treatment here. Mr. P. K. K. was accompanied by his wife for his case taking. He visited the clinic on 21st October 2008 for his complaints of vertigo and giddiness. He had been suffering from diabetes for more than 30 years and high blood pressure for more than 20 years. He had been a smoker for the past 30 years as well. He had developed thrombophlebitis a few years back that was not finding any relief with conventional medicines.

He then had to be operated in September 2008. After his surgery, he developed vertigo and giddiness. He was already on several pills for other complaints and did not wish to add more medicines for his vertigo. So, he visited Dr. Shah to start with homeopathy for the same. 

His appetite was average with no specific liking or disliking. There were no other complaints related to bowels, urination, sleep, and thirst. He could tolerate both the extremes of temperature. 

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His family consisted of his spouse, two sons, and a daughter. His wife had also retired as a professor. His sons were engineers and settled in the U. S. His daughter was a chest physician practicing in Mumbai. He was a cheerful and active person. He would keep his post-retired life busy with social activities. He was anxious regarding his health. He was forgetful of things. 

Dr. Shah gave him Conium 200c along with a research-based medicine for one month.

He visited the clinic on 28th November 2008 with 50% improvement in his relief from vertigo. He was happy that his symptoms were well-controlled with the medicines and he did not require taking the conventional medicines.

He visited us on 7th December 2008 with overall 75% improvement in vertigo. He had planned to go to the US for 6 months and hence wanted to carry medicines along with him. He was prescribed medicines for a few months by Dr. Shah.

He visited the clinic on 17th January 2014 for complaints of memory loss and other minute ailments. He was happy to be free of disturbing vertigo for all these years without taking any medicines.


This case shows the efficacy of homeopathic medicines in treating the cases of vertigo which get cured completely with homeopathy and do not relapse back even after many years. With homeopathy, the patient didn’t need the conventional medicines.

- Written by Dr. M. N. P., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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