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95% Recovery From Lichen Planus Achieved With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 47-years-old Mrs. SSP (PIN 30658) suffering from Lichen Planus visited Life Force Borivali branch on 20th Dec 2016.

From the past 6 months, the patient was suffering from Lichen Planus. This condition was affecting her soles at first, but, as it was spreading rapidly, it had now affected her arms, lower back, oral cavity, and scalp. The patient was on steroids for 6 months at the time of her visit at Life Force.

The patient was a housekeeper at an ENT consultant and was the sole bread-earner of the family, as she lost her husband in a train accident in 2004. She had the responsibility of the entire house on her shoulders. 

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The patient had a mixed diet and had cravings for fish, chicken, and sweets. The patient had financial stress but was also stressed about her son’s future, as he wasn’t studying enough and used to be engrossed in his mobile.

On studying her case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed her his research-based medicines for Lichen Planus for 6 weeks.

At her first follow-up on 9th Feb 2017, she showed an improvement by 20% but with an ongoing steroid which was in tapered dose.

During her second follow-up on 14th March 2017, her improvement was the same as it was in the last follow-up but the patient was off steroid now.

During her third follow-up on 3rd May 2017, her condition showed an improvement by 40% without any steroid.

During the fourth and fifth follow-up, there wasn't much improvement. 

But, during the sixth follow-up on 4th September 2017, there was an improvement by 70% in her condition

During the eighth follow-up, there was some new eruption on the right leg.

Later, during the ninth follow-up on 30th January 2018, she experienced 95% recovery from Lichen Planus on skin whereas oral lesions still persisted.

The patient is still under our care for her oral lesions of Lichen Planus.


This case highlights that Dr. Shah's research-based medicines for Lichen Planus not only helps you recover from the disease but also stops the rapid spread of the disease. 

- Written by Dr. Krutika, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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