A Lady With Relapsing Psoriasis & Cellulitis Recuperated Incredibly With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 40-years-old lady, Mrs. C.D.S. (PIN 28281) visited Life Force, Mumbai on 20th March 2016 for her complaints of Relapsing Psoriasis.

She was suffering from relapsing psoriasis since 2009 that had relapsed in 2014 and was progressing rapidly day-by-day. Her whole body, including bilateral upper limb and lower limbs, abdomen, and back, was affected and covered with large red patches and continuous scaling of the skin, and she suffered generalized itching. Her toenails and fingernails had also started getting affected. In 2014, she lost her grandmother and was under stress (marriage and family), which triggered her condition worse. She had taken Ayurvedic treatment and steroids in the past but got no relief.

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Besides psoriasis, she was also suffering from hypertension since 2009 (on the conventional Rx) and Grade 2 Obesity since childhood. She had a very strong genetic disposition for psoriasis, diabetes, and hypertension.

Family History:

The patient’s mother was suffering from diabetes, gallstone, hernia, and had been operated for fibroid uterus. Her father died due to tuberculosis. Her maternal uncle and aunt had psoriasis and hypertension.

Personal History:

She was a non-vegetarian by diet. She was a gourmet having an intense craving for sweets, chocolates, ice cream, and ice water. She was easily affected by the cold in general.

Self And Family Set-Up:

She had a troubled and stressful childhood. She got divorced in 2005. Later, her father died of tuberculosis and her mother was not keeping well, after which she starting suffering from psoriasis in the year 2009.

She experienced the second relapse of psoriasis in the year 2014 after she lost her grandmother.

She was an irritable, obstinate lady. She would manage her stress levels but it affected her physically.


The case was analyzed by Dr. Shah, and he prescribed research-based medicines. The patient was given the necessary instructions regarding her diet and regimen. She was instructed to manage her stress levels, which could be the maintaining cause for her ailments.


When the patient visited on 27th March 2016 (within a week after her first visit), there was a relief in her itching discomfort. Her scaling had also reduced.

By May 2016, the patient experienced just a mild itching and there was no scaling.

By 9th July 2016, there was a drastic improvement in the patient’s condition. The patient was happy as all her lesions were recovered, excluding her feet. There was a further improvement in skin discoloration, and the patch on her foot was also healing.

On her next visit on 10th September 2016, the patient complained of the relapse of all her old lesions, generalized itching, and scaling (knees and foot). She had cellulitis on foot one month back (took antibiotics course).

On 17th October 2016, she reported continuous spread on her ears and the presence of small multiple reddish patches over her neck, hands, upper back, and foot. She had responded well to the medicines.

When the patient reported to the clinic on 23rd January 2017, there was an overall improvement in the skin thickness. Her itching and scaling had stopped completely.

On 14th August 2017, there was a relapse of Psoriasis since last ten days with itching and scaling affecting her whole body. The patient was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus so she was instructed to consult diabetologist for the medication. After the controlling the sugar level, the lesions started to settle down.

On 8th November 2017, the patient called-up for a flare-up of the lesions. Also, a new lesion had appeared due to an antibiotic she took, but it was managed well with homeopathic medicines.

From September to December 2017, the patient’s cellulitis had completely improved and there was a remarkable improvement in psoriasis as well.

On her recent visit on 8th March 2018, the patient reported 90% improvement in psoriasis. Also, the cellulitis of her foot got treated well with Dr. Shah's research-based medicines.

The patient is still continuing the treatment for avoiding the further relapse of psoriasis.


This case illustrated that homeopathy treats psoriasis by moderating the disturbed immune system. Hence, it helps in recovery from within rather than suppressing the condition. Homeopathy provides a long-term improvement, long-lasting positive results without any significant side-effects even in the difficult cases of relapsing Psoriasis complicated with other Systemic illnesses. Homeopathy is an effective first line of treatment and strongly recommended for treating psoriasis effectively.

- Written by Dr. Nutan, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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