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80% Recovery From 2 Years Persistent Lichen Planus Was Obtained In 2 Months Of Homeopathic Treatment

A 22-years-old female, Miss. A.B. (PIN 36054) from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh started online treatment for her Lichen Planus complaints in March 2018. She was suffering from lichen planus since May 2016. She had eruptions on her hands, wrist, chest, feet, ankles, waist, lower back, and legs with intense itching and burning in the lesions. The lesions were purplish, brown of approximately half centimeters in size. She had been treated by corticosteroids for about 1.5 years but, after realizing the side effects of steroids, she switched to Ayurvedic treatment with no relief in her complaints. Through her online search, she found Dr. Shah, Life Force Homeopathy clinic and did an online inquiry about the treatment protocol for lichen planus and resorted to homeopathic treatment. 

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Besides lichen planus, she was not suffering from any major illness.

Family History:
Her paternal grandfather had cancer and had died due to paralysis. Her maternal & paternal grandmother has a history of kidney stones. Besides this, there was no significant history of any major illness.

Physical Generals:
Her appetite and thirst were normal. She had a marked craving for sweets, spicy food, and junk food. Her urine and bowel habits were normal. She enjoyed a sound sleep.

Self And Family Set-Up:
She was pursuing her MBA degree. She was a happy-go-lucky girl with lots of friends. She stayed with her parents and grandmother, and she was having one younger brother.

The case was analyzed by Dr. Shah in detail, and he prescribed his research-based medicines to the patient. She was advised to continue with Tablet. Allegra only when she would experience unbearable itching. The necessary dietary instructions were given.

Within 8 weeks of the homeopathic treatment, there was a drastic change in her Lichen Planus lesions. On 1st May 2018, she reported that she was 80% better than earlier. Her lesions had started flattening and drying up gradually, and they had reduced in size. Her major complaints of intense itching and burning were also reduced by 60%. Though a few new spots had developed during the course of treatment, it was explained to the patient that the graph of the improvement in such auto-immune condition is not always smooth upwards and counseled. She was informed that the fluctuations were expected, and, even though the new lesions may develop, they will be not as severe as before and the ongoing medicines will take care of the same. She is doing well with the medicines. She was more concerned about her hyper-pigmented marks. Dr. Shah made certain changes in her medicines and they were continued further for the best results.

Miss. A.B. was very happy to experience the fast recovery, satisfied with the treatment, and regretted that why she didn’t opt for Homeopathic treatment earlier.


This case illustrates that homeopathy treats lichen planus effectively and promotes the recovery from lichen planus to a great extent safely without any side-effects.

- Written by Dr. Mithila K, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D

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