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9 Years Persistent Rare Disorder Called ‘Hailey Hailey Disease’ Got Treated With Homeopathy Effectively

A 40-years-old gentleman, Mr. J. R.A. (PIN 14939) reported to the clinic for the treatment of Hailey Hailey disease. When examined, there was severe redness and burning sensation present in the groins from the last nine years. The burning sensation was relieved to some extent on the application of the cold water. 

There was a family history of Hailey Hailey disease present in his family. 

His sweat was average, and he was more tolerant to the heat. He was anxious by nature. He was going through a distressing divorce. He was prescribed antibiotics and prednisone. Steroids were causing weight gain and acidity. 

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He had suffered from myocarditis in the childhood, and, so, he did not want to take steroids. 

He was a patient who was residing outside Bombay. So, he availed for the online treatment and sent his case details to us by email. 

Dr. Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed the remedy Apis along with Dr. Shah’s research remedies to the patient.

The patient gave a detailed feedback on 24th September 2008 (i.e. after 4 months of the treatment) reporting a very good improvement. The lesions in his groins had reduced, and the burning sensation had stopped. The overall intensity of his discomforting condition had reduced substantially. 

The patient is still under the treatment and we expect further improvement in his condition. 

The feedback in patient’s own words is given below.

24 Sep 08 00:00 - Feedback/ progress report by the patient 


Q: 1. How have you responded to the treatment taken so far? How much improvement have you achieved since the treatment was started? How much improvement have you observed since the last medicine (in case you have taken several courses of medicines)? Please try to quantify in terms of percent).: 
A: I have improved greatly, and the blisters are less now. 

Q: 2. In case you think there is not much improvement but that the disease has stopped spreading or has slowed down, please say so. (This may happen in cases like Vitiligo or Psoriasis.) If you think that there has been no improvement at all, please say so. In case you have observed an increase in the disease, please specify accordingly.: 
A: The relief from the disease has improved and the disease has slowed down. 

Q: 3. In case of recurring disease, (such as asthma, colds, migraine, etc.), please specify what has been the improvement with regards to the frequency, intensity, and duration of such attacks after taking the last medication.: 
A: The frequency of the blisters has decreased in the intensity, and the burning sensation has stopped.


This case illustrates that homeopathy is quite effective in treating Hailey Hailey disease and providing a great relief to the affected individual.


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