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A 58-Years-Old Lady Got A Relief From Gastritis, Constipation & Arthritic Knee With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 58-years-old lady, Mrs. S. R. (PIN 33527) visited Life Force on 10th September 2017 to get her gastritis and constipation treated. She used to experience symptoms, such as loud burps, belching, nausea, gas abdomen bloated, dyspepsia, and constipation. She used to pass no stool for 2-3 days if no laxative was taken. She used to experience these episodes continuously from the last two years on the daily basis. The cause was found in the form of allopathic medicines taken for the treatment of Koch’s knee effusion and menopause on inquiry. Eating apple and melons used to aggravate her complaints. She had done the investigations in the form of upper GI ENDOSCOPY which revealed moderate Gastritis on 27th July 2015. Also, she had done CT SCAN ABDOMEN which revealed eccentric fat containing polyp in the D3 segment of Duodenum. She had taken allopathic treatment along with Ayurvedic churna for these ailments.

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She was also suffering from the complaints of arthritis of the left knee from the last 10 years continuously with the complaints of the left knee joint pain, swelling, discomfort more in the morning, stiffness/heaviness, and difficult mobility. Her Koch’s effusion of the left knee was from the last 5 years. The cause was found in the form of Koch’s Bone in the detailed history. Her complaints used to get aggravated in the morning, winter, monsoon, and AC. She used to apply Ayurvedic oil on her knee joint. 

Her sleep was sound. 

Past History:
On inquiry, she mentioned that she suffered from a Koch’s bone and left knee Tb- effusion for four to five years. She also had uterine fibroid with the complaint of bleeding for which hysterectomy was done 21 years ago.

Family History:
There was no major illness in his family. 

Self And Family: 
She was a housewife, and her husband was in the garment business. She had 2 sons. By nature, she was calm and quiet. She was mild, gentle, and sober. She was affectionate and irritable occasionally.

After evaluating the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed Phosphorus 30 and research-based medicines for six weeks to the patient. 

The patient called up for her first feedback after completing the first batch of medicines on 7th November 2017. She happily mentioned that she felt much better after starting the medications, though symptoms persisted with lesser intensity than earlier. But, the symptoms of arthritis and constipation were as it is. The medicines were repeated and couriered to her along with the instructions for diet and regimen.

During the second follow-up on 2nd January 2018, the patient was happy with her improved health conditions. Her gastritis, constipation, as well as arthritis of the knee, were under control up to 75%, The patient was advised to take the medicines regularly.

The next feedback was given on 20th March 2018. There was a remarkable recovery in her overall condition. Her gastritis, constipation, as well as arthritis of the knee, were under control up to 80%-90%, and there were no major episodes of gastritis, constipation, and arthritis. The patient was advised to take the medicines regularly. The further medicines were prescribed to her, according to the feedback she had given.

When the patient had called for the next feedback on 11th May 2018, she informed that she was doing extremely well. Her overall condition was almost 90%-100% better, and there was no major episode of acidity, constipation, and arthritis.


It case illustrates that the patient suffering from gastritis responds well to homeopathy if the patient starts with the immediate treatment once it’s diagnosed. Homeopathy is strongly recommended for any conditions related to the digestive system, such as gastritis (acidity), which is one of the most common health issues in the day-to-day life. Homeopathic medicines act on your mental plane as well as physical plane and uproot the cause of the disease.  

- Written by Dr. Swapnil, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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