A Teen Recovered From Vitiligo Quickly With Homeopathy At Life Force

A teenager (PIN 28531) visited Life Force clinic with his parents on 21st April 2016 to get treated for his vitiligo discomfort. He had started noticing white spots on his right middle finger and ring finger that later got spread to the right side of his neck. Immunosuppressant medications and steroids cream were started in the last 10 days, however, that did not help him. There was no family history of vitiligo or any autoimmune disease. 

Parents also informed about associated complaints of hyperpigmentation around the neck and seborrheic dermatitis in the scalp. But, the major concern was vitiligo which had disturbed the patient’s family, though the patient himself was not much bothered about it. 

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Physical Generals:
The patient was dominantly non-vegetarian by diet. He had a good appetite and had a craving for chicken and fish. There was profuse, offensive sweating on his palms, soles, and generalized body. The patient was intolerant to the hot weather. 

Past History:
Parents informed that he had a history of eczema, which was resolved within a few months of conventional treatment.

Family History:
Parents were healthy, but paternal grandmother had died due to cancer. 

Self And Family Set-Up:
The patient had appeared his 10th standard board exams and was planning to take up science stream for his further studies. He belonged to a Maharashtrian, well-to-do family and was the only child of his parents. Patient’s father was a property tax inspector and his mother was a school teacher.  

Parents informed that as a child he was always shy and used to be nervous before meeting new people. 

After a complete review of the case, Dr. Shah prescribed medicines and provided the necessary instructions regarding diet and exercise. He was also advised to get exposed to the early morning sun. Thyroid profile was suggested to rule out the possibility of another autoimmune disease. The patient’s parents were well-informed about the partial recovery of vitiligo, as he had spots on the difficult areas, such as fingertips. Dietary restrictions were advised specifically for vitiligo, and instructions like exposure to the early morning were also given in order to support the recovery. 

Follow-Ups :
The patient reported to the clinic for his first follow-up on 6th June 2016. The improvement had already started showing up around his neck and on the fingers. The thyroid report was done, and it was within normal limits. (23/04/2016) TSH - 2.539. The steroid applications were completely stopped two months back, after which a slight flare-up is usually expected, but fortunately, the recovery had already started. The next batch of medicines was prescribed accordingly. 

The patient’s second follow-up on 7th September 2016 was a remarkable one. The results observed were astonishing after comparing the photos. The spots around his neck were almost 70% to 80% better, and the spots on his fingertips were negligibly seen. The patient was strictly following the diet and other instructions as advised.

On 27th December 2016, the patient gave feedback over the phone regarding his overall health condition. Not just the spots were stable, but also a significant recovery was observed on his finger-tips in a short span of treatment. In fact, there were no spots seen on his fingers now. Parents heaved a sigh of relief and were happy about his overall recovery. 

On 19th April 2017, when the patient visited us with his parents for his follow-up, he mentioned that there was slight re-appearance of the spots around his neck. The parents were quite worried about the same but convinced as they were already informed about the after-effects of steroid stoppage. The further period between April to August showed a stable recovery. 

The latest follow-up given on 8th August 2017 showed a significant recovery of about 80%. The following images speak volumes about the patient’s outstanding recovery. The patient is still continuing treatment at Life Force as suggested.   

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease, which is governed by genetic causes. This case which had a family history of cancer, which is an autoimmune disease, made vitiligo more challenging to treat. We at Life Force do not promise any recovery in patches in the difficult areas, such as fingers or fingertips, corners of the mouth, and any bony areas since it has a tendency to spread. But, this case showed a marvelous recovery which proves that areas like fingers can also be well-treated with homeopathy.

- Written by Dr. Kanchan, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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