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Complete Miraculous Recovery From Urticaria Found With Homeopathy At Life Force

33-years-old Mrs. P. S. S. (PIN 27711) consulted at Life Force Homeopathy Chembur branch on 20th January for her complaint of on and off skin rash which was accompanied by intense itching and redness for 1.5 years. Her rashes used to remain on her body for a few minutes and then fade away. The affected areas of her body were both legs, feet, ankles, arms, and forearms. She was also experiencing swelling around the affected part. Her IgE antibodies were also high (439) in her report of 15th January 2016. After evaluating her symptoms, Life Force Homeopathy doctor diagnosed the condition as Urticaria.

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Usually, she used to experience the discomfort due to urticaria after consuming lemon. It used to get worse after eating non-veg food and in the summer season. Her pain and swelling on the affected area used to increase after having a meal and at night time.

She was applying calamine lotion and taking Ayurvedic treatment before starting treatment with Life Force Homeopathy. She also applied anti-fungal and antiseptic cream to find relief from her symptoms but found no fruitful results.

Along with urticaria, she was suffering from allergic rhinitis, hair fall, and constipation.

Her father also suffered from Urticaria and Diabetes. Her mother was suffering from an Under-active Thyroid.

She was a non-vegetarian. She was having a craving for chicken and spicy food. Thermally, she was hot. Her other generals were good.

She was working in the admin department of Professional Insurance Surveillance. She was living in a nuclear family with her parents. She had one brother, who was an engineer.

She was sharing a cordial relationship with her family members. Her childhood was happy and she had no family-related or work-related stress. She was only concerned about her urticaria complaint.

She was confident and affectionate, and a firm-on-her-decision lady. She was mild and gentle by nature. Sometimes, she used to become irritable if things won’t happen according to her. She pursued hobbies like drawing, sketching, and others.

After her detailed case history, Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed her his research-based medicines on 20th January 2016.

Initially, in her first follow-up itself, she was better by 35% in her relief from the complaints.

On 1st July 2016, she was better at 50%. Her frequency of getting urticaria was reduced by 50%. She didn't experience any urticaria rash in the last 40 days.

On 10th August 2016, the patient was better by 60%.

She continued the medicines, and, on 9th September 2016, reported a 95% recovery. The patient informed that disease has slowed down and almost vanished.

The patient continued her treatment until December 2017 and stopped after achieving a complete relief from urticaria.


This case highlights that homeopathy is strongly recommended for urticaria to obtain a long-lasting positive result safely without any side-effects.

- Written by Dr. Khushbunnisa, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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