A Difficult Variant Of Vitiligo Responded Amazingly to Life Force’s Homeopathic Treatment

A 16-years-old girl, Miss. K. D (PIN 19124) from Borivali, Mumbai visited Life Force Homeopathy Clinic on 18th May 2012 to get treated for her Vitiligo. Her mother had noticed the first spot of Vitiligo before 7 years on her genitals and perineum part. The size of her spot was large on the perineum and bilateral symmetrical areas. In her family, her maternal grandmother suffered from extensive vitiligo. Without going for any external application treatment or Photo-therapy, her parents decided to opt for Homeopathic treatment. Wood Lamp examination revealed upcoming spots on her lips too, though they were not visible by the naked eye, and it was informed to the patient's parents.

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Past History:
There was no history of any major illness in the past.

Family History:
Her maternal grandmother was having extensive Vitiligo, and her mother was suffering from Hypothyroidism. The patient’s paternal grandfather was suffering from Hypertension, and her maternal uncle was a Diabetic patient.

Physical Generals:
She had craving for sweets, and she had no specific disliking or aversion. She had no urinary complaints, and her stools were also satisfactory. Her sleep was sound.

Self & Family set-up:
She was studying in 5th Standard when she started the treatment with Life Force. Her father was Engineer, and her mother was Registrar in college. She was a kind-hearted and very sensitive child. She would easily cry if anyone talked to her in a loud voice. She would make friends easily and used to be sincere and studious.

After a thorough evaluation of the case, Dr. Shah prescribed his research-based molecules to the patient. In the first consultation itself, it was explained to patient's parents that her spots are on mucocutaneous area (i.e genitals) which comes under difficult areas to treat as the response of melanocytes (that is color giving cells) are on lower sides in these areas and it is difficult to stimulate the cells over there. Also, there was a strong history of auto-immune conditions in the family (i.e. her grandmother was suffering from extensive Vitiligo and her mother was an Underactive Thyroid patient). Her vitiligo was bilaterally symmetrical variant so her case was quite difficult and treatment was going to be long-term aiming first to control the spread and then on restoring the maximum color.

In her first follow-up after 6 weeks of medicines on 2nd July 2012, the spot on her labia (i.e. on genitals) was slightly increased. It was explained to the patient that mucocutaneous areas tend to spread even after the treatment, but the pace of spread will be controlled by Homeopathic medicines. Even though the spot may appear, it will not increase much in the size and the ongoing medicines will take care of it.

On 6th August 2012, her spots were stable. There were no new spot or spread of the spots. Also, her spots had turned slightly dull.

On 7th January 2013, she was better by 35%. Her spots have started to break in between and were getting filled with brown spots. The appearance of the spots was duller than before. There were no new spots appearing. Also, the existing spots were not spreading.

After 1.5 years, she was better by 50%.

On 14th January 2014, the parents of the patient informed that she had developed a new spot on her left arm. She was advised to get checked for her Vitamin D and get her Thyroid profile done, as, in spite of giving the best medicines, if there are any deficiency or hormonal fluctuations then the medicines won't act. Also, Dr. Shah prescribed revised medicines to her.

On 14th July 2014, the spots on her genitals were completely re-pigmented. But, she was developing newer minute spots on any other part of her body. And, after a few weeks, they used to get re-pigmented. Still, the disease was active in her case so treatment was continued further.

Gradually, the tendency to develop tiny spots too was arrested and she was not having any spots on her body, except for the spot on genitals which started to re-surface again. This time, Dr. Shah studied her case once again in detail since the start of the treatment and prescribed medicines.

After 5 years of continuous treatment, her spots were completely recovered. Also, the tendency of recurrence of the disease was controlled with Homeopathic medicines. Though it was a long-term treatment, her parents are satisfied with the treatment. They are now relaxed and confident as she is completely free from the disease.

This case illustrates that the recovery of the case depends on multiple factors, such as age, family history, extent, and parts affected and other factors. When the spots appear at mucocutaneous junctions, such as genitals, lips, around eyes, fingertips, around toenails, when they are bilaterally symmetrical as well as there persists a strong history of Vitiligo in the family, then the spots of vitiligo are difficult to treat and the scope of Homeopathy in such cases is to control the spots from spreading further. But, the above case has recovered completely after a long-term Homeopathic treatment. It requires a lot of patience and takes time to treat such a difficult variant of Vitiligo requiring a long-term treatment.

- Written by Dr. Mithila K, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D

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