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Recurrent Boils Treated Successfully At Life Force Homeopathy

A 3.5-year-old kid  Y. A (PIN 32627) visited Life Force Clinic along with his parents on 1st July 2017 with the complaints of recurrent boils. He was suffering from this complaint for one and a half years. After every 15 days, new boils used to develop on his forehead and scalp. His boils were filled with pus and were painful. The pus and blood used to ooze out from the boils. There was a hair loss observed in the affected area. Pus swab was isolated with sensitivity to staphylococci Bacteria. The colony count was 100000CFU/ml. He was on antibiotics for the last 15-20 days with no significant improvement in his condition. Along with it, he was also suffering from frequent colds. He was also underweight.

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Physical Generals:

He had a mixed diet with an average appetite. His thirst was average. He had profuse perspiration on the forehead. He was intolerant of the hot weather. His stools and micturition were normal. His sleep was normal.

Family Background:

His father was a driver and his mother was a nurse. He was playful and was timid with strangers. He was stubborn at times. His memory was good. 

After studying his case thoroughly, Dr. Shah prescribed homeopathic medicines along with some research-based medicines to the patient.

Subsequent Follow-Ups:

On 1st August 2017, the patient visited us with a 20% to 25% improvement in his complaints. The frequency and intensity of the episodes had reduced. He no longer required any antibiotics during this phase, but there was alopecia developed on the affected area of his scalp. This time a few changes were done in his medications by Dr. Shah.

On 19th September 2017, the patient visited the clinic with a 50% improvement in his complaints. Also, there was an improvement in his relief from the other complaints and general health. He had started putting on weight, and the frequency of his cold and coughs had reduced. 

On 28th October 2017, his complaints were aggravated. He had 3 episodes of the eruptions in the last one month. This time Dr. Shah reviewed his case and prescribed some other research-based medications to the patient.

The patient visited the clinic on 6th March 2018 with no occurrence of the pustular eruption in the last 3-4 months. Hair regrowth was observed in the affected area. He had no episodes of cold and cough. Also, he had started gaining weight. His appetite had improved. 


This case highlights that homeopathy is quite effective in treating the condition of recurrent boils quickly, successfully, and safely without any side-effects.

( Written by Dr. Amrita Khatri, Associate Dr to Dr. Rajesh Shah)


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