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Incredible Recovery From Nephrotic Syndrome Achieved With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 53-years-old male, Mr. A.K.G. (PIN 22500) consulted at Life Force on 24th March 2014 for the treatment of his complaints of nephrotic syndrome. He was diagnosed with this condition one year back, and he had taken the steroid at the time of the episode. At the time of consultation, the albumin in his urine was high and red blood cells were also present in it. Besides this, he was also suffering from gout, backache, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

His built was tall. His appetite was excessive when he was taking the steroid, otherwise, his appetite was average. He had craving for sweets. He had no specific disliking for any food. His stool was not satisfactory. His urination, sweat, and sleep were normal. He couldn’t tolerate the cold temperature. 

He was quite sentimental and emotional. He was attached to his family a lot. He had too many thoughts. He was obstinate in nature.   

He had no specific past medical history of any illness. 
In his family, his father had cancer & kidney complaint. His brother was also suffering from the kidney complaint. Besides these, there was no other specific family medical history. 

After studying his case details and history in detail, he was prescribed a research-based molecule by Dr. Shah. And, he was advised to do some blood tests.

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The patient gave his first follow-up on 30th April 2014. He informed that there was some improvement in his condition. Through his blood tests, it was found out that he had a deficiency of vitamins. So, he was advised to start the supplements of it. 

A few months later on 1st December 2014, the patient reported some improvement in his condition. He informed that less foam was seen in his urine. His backache was also reduced. 

On 13th July 2015, he informed that his condition was under control. The patient had taken some allopathic medicine for OCD. There was an improvement in his overall health after commencing the homeopathic treatment. 

On his follow-up on 30th March 2016, his condition was improving. His backache had reduced. His urine report revealed that his creatinine secretion had reduced in comparison to the previous report. The foam in his urine had increased for 2-3 weeks, but there was no swelling on his face & legs. 

On 5th December 2016, he gave his follow-up. He felt that his kidney function had improved. He experienced a backache very rarely. Except for this, no other specific symptoms were seen. He was satisfied with homeopathic medicine.

A few months later on 13th April 2017, he gave his feedback. He no more had experienced a relapse of an episode of the nephrotic syndrome. All his symptoms were under control. From the last many months, he was not taking any steroid. 

On 8th December 2017, he reported that he no more had any complaint. His both mental and physical conditions had improved a lot.

On 7th April 2018, when he gave his follow-up, his condition was very good. No relapse had appeared for many months. His general well-being had improved a lot. He was quite satisfied with the medicine.

He is still continuing the medicine for the further improvement in his condition.

This case shows that, even in a complicated disease like nephrotic syndrome, homeopathy can give drastic & fast results if the medicine is started on time and by an experienced homeopath.

-Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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