A Great Recovery From Dermatomyositis With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 48-years-old female, Mrs. M.S.D. (PIN: 23763) visited Life Force center on 8th October 2014 for the complaint of dermatomyositis. She was experiencing a progressive weakness in the limbs, mainly in the lower limbs, and small red rashes all over the body for one month. She was experiencing weakness in the muscles, & all her joints were affected by it.

She was suffering from the weakness in the arms that made it difficult for her to lift heavy objects. Her serum CPK level was 1885. EMG study was strongly suggestive of the myopathy. 
She was taking the conventional medicine for the same. Besides this, she was also suffering from the hair fall complaint for 4 months. 

She was a vegetarian by diet. Her appetite was normal. He had no specific liking & disliking. Her thirst was quite less. Her bowel and bladder functions were normal. 
She enjoyed a sound sleep. Her perspiration was very difficult. She was sensitive to the cold in general. Her menses were regular.
She was working in a bank as a manager. Her husband was working for an insurance company. She had one daughter, who was doing engineering. 

There was no history of any major illness in her family. She had urticaria in the past history. 

She was a lean, thin girl with generalized emaciation. She was short-tempered but used to calm down easily. She was not expressive. She was workaholic & wanted everything at the place. She had the fear of water.
Based on the above case history and details, she was prescribed research-based molecule. 

On 29th October 2014, she gave her first follow-up, there was no change in her condition. Some of the symptoms had increased. 
On 24th November 2014, she informed some improvement in the relief from the discomfort in her joints and muscles pain. Her skin rashes had improved by more than 50%. In her reports, CPK was also reduced, and it was 1345. 

A few months later on 5th May 2015, she informed an improvement in her condition. Her skin rashes had improved by more than 75%. Her CPK was 213.

On 12th December 2015, she reported a good improvement in the condition of her joints. Also, her muscle weakness had reduced. Her condition had improved more than 60%. 

On 26th September 2016, when she gave her follow-up, she reported 80% improvement in her condition. Her joint pain had reduced drastically. She was quite satisfied with the improvement.

A few months later on 30th January 2017 when she visited the center, she informed that her relief from joints pain, muscle weakness, and sleeplessness had improved more than 80%. There were no other symptoms present. She checked her CPK level. And, it was 140. 

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At the end of three years of the treatment on 6th October 2017, she reported an improved mobility. Her disease had not progressed any further, as it had been restricted and curbed by the medication. Now, she no more falls down while walking as frequently as before. 

On 4th June 2018, when she gave her follow-up, her condition was under control. She was only experiencing a mild leg pain from the last few days. The pain in the rest of the joints and muscles had reduced a lot. 


CPK level (IU/ L)

8th October 2014


24th November 2014


5th May 2015


30th January 2018


Still, she is continuing homeopathic medicine for the further recovery. 

This case illustrates how Homeopathy helped in controlling the underlying disease process in the case dermatomyositis as well as obtaining a great relief from the symptoms, such as painfulness of muscles, weakness, fatigue, and skin rash, effectively without any side-effects.

-Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (MD, HOM)

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