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Quality Analyst Finds Recovery From Vitiligo In 6 Months Of Homeopathic Treatment

A 30-years-old man, Mr. R.P. (PIN:34905) visited Life Force at our Vashi branch on 22nd December 2017 for the treatment of vitiligo. He had noticed a hypopigmented patch on his penis from the last two months. There was no itching or burning sensation affecting that spot. The diagnosis was confirmed after examining it under the Wood’s lamp. This was probably caused due to an injury during intercourse. He was on allopathic medicines, namely Cap. Patchex daily once, Desosoft Cream daily after the bath, and Tacrotor 0.03 Cream.

He was a vegetarian and could not tolerate the cold climate. He had a stable job and was well-supported since childhood. He had suffered from malaria in 2011. No family medical history of vitiligo was present in his family. He was gentle, confident, and expressive. He was jovial by nature and liked the company.

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Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed the research-based molecules for his complaint. He was advised to reduce his wheat and milk intake. After two months of regular medications on 4th February 2018, he was 15% better than earlier, and the margins had already started showing the signs of re-pigmentation. He had even stopped the allopathic medicines right from his first visit to Life Force.

By 19th March 2018, during his next follow-up visit, he was 40% better. There was re-pigmentation observed in the spot, and there was no development of new spots. He was advised to take Vitamin D3 supplements as his levels of this vitamin were low. He visited us for his next follow-up on 28th April 2018 with 60% improvement in his condition. He was very happy that he was recovering fast. He always thought that homeopathy was a slow process. However, with homeopathy, he experienced a quick recovery.

Further, on the 9th June 2018, when he came for the follow-up to the branch, the spot on his penis was not visible. There was complete re-pigmentation in his spots. He continued with the medicines. On 23rd July 2018, he came to the clinic and said there was no lesion is left. There was no hypopigmented spot present.

He still continues with the treatment to avoid the further development of hypopigmented lesions.

This case highlights that proper homeopathic treatment under the guidance of an expert homeopath is the key to obtain a complete recovery in difficult cases like vitiligo.

Written by Dr. Chetali, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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