A Teen Boy Got Recovered From Chronic Atopic Dermatitis Excellently With Homeopathy

A 17-year-old young boy, Mr. S.A.S. (PIN: 37234) visited Paud branch of Life Force on 25th June 2018 with the complaint of atopic dermatitis that he was suffering for childhood. Most often, the duration of his disease symptoms and discomfort during its every episode would last for a few days, and the frequency of episode was 4-5 times in a year. His disease had progressed for two months. At the time of consultation, his legs, neck, hands, cubital fossa, popliteal fossa, back, groin, scalp, and the folds of his fingers were affected by the disease. He suffered from itching, burning sensation, and dryness. The patient felt the urge to scratch it, and scratching resulted in itching and burning sensation from the site. He was taking conventional treatment for his complaint. Besides this, he was also suffering from asthmatic bronchitis. 

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His appetite was average. He was non-vegetarian by diet. He was quite fond of sour food. His thirst was average. He was not comfortable in the winter weather. His motion, urine, & sleep were normal. There was no specific dream present.

The patient was a 12th std student. His father was an engineer. His mother was a homemaker.

In his family, his father was also suffering from hypertension and nephrotic syndrome. His mother was suffering from hypercholesterolemia. His paternal grandmother was suffering from psoriasis, and his maternal grandmother was suffering from a heart complaint. He had scabies in his past medical history. 
He was quite calm and liked to live alone. He was very confident & bold but reserved in nature. He didn’t take tension. He liked reading fiction books. He didn’t like to play outside. 
After studying his detailed case history thoroughly, he was prescribed research-based molecule for his complaint. He was advised to do some blood tests.

After two months of the medication on 19th July 2018, when the patient gave his follow-up, there was an aggravation in his condition. Some new eruptions appeared on his hands, legs, and armpits. His itching had turned severe. Redness was also observed. In his blood reports, his IgE level was very high and vitamin D & B12 were deficient. He was advised to start the necessary vitamins supplements. As per his condition, Dr. Shah did the required changes in his medicine. 

On 8th October 2018, the patient visited our center for a follow-up and he informed a very good improvement in his condition. His relief from all his eruptions was 60% improved. No new eruptions had appeared. The relief from all his symptoms, such as itching, burning sensation, and dryness, had also improved by more than 50%. His relief from asthmatic bronchitis complaint had also improved by more than 75%. 

Two months later on 20th December 2018, he reported 80% improvement in his health. His cracks and burning symptoms got cured totally. His itching was reduced a lot. All his eruptions were in a good state. Every time when a change in weather would occur, his asthmatic bronchitis episode used to relapse and he used to use the inhaler for it, but, after taking Life Force medicine, his frequency and severity of its episode got reduced and he didn’t use the inhaler for it. He was very happy with the treatment.

He is still continuing our medicine for further recovery.


This case illustrates how homeopathy gifts excellent results by treating chronic disease like atopic dermatitis effectively and safely without any side-effects.  

Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (MD, HOM)

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