A Doctor From Assam Finds A Phenomenal Relief In His Ankylosing Spondylitis With Homeopathy

A 64-year-old doctor from Assam, Dr. S.H. (PIN:19970) was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis in June 2009. He experienced the first symptom of Ankylosing Spondylitis before 8 years. Initially, he ignored his symptoms, but, when he noticed his complaints were getting worse, he went to see a Rheumatologist and was diagnosed as a patient of Ankylosing Spondylitis. 

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The X-ray of both hip joints revealed bilateral sacroiliitis. His pain started in the lower back with stiffness, and he had intermittent groin pain from the past 10 years. He had an aching pain in his lower back and that was affecting him continuously. He was experiencing difficulty in bending. His pain would aggravate at night and after lifting heavy things. He was using the painkillers daily from around the last 5 years and was also following medicines Tablet Sazo (Sulfasalazine) - 1000mg and Tablet Etoshine (Etoricoxib). In the past, he had received Remicade (Antibody biologic drug) infusions. Being a doctor, he was aware of the possible side-effects of long-term use of the above conventional medicines. He was searching for natural treatment options. So, he searched for the availability of homeopathic treatment on the internet and happened to visit our Life Force website. After going through case studies and video testimonials of patients, he opted for an online treatment under Dr. Shah on 3rd October 2012.

Besides ankylosing spondylitis, he had no major illness. In his family, his brother suffered from Diabetes. 

His thirst and appetite were normal. He was sensitive to the cold temperature. He had no urinary complaints. His stools were also satisfactory. His sleep was disturbed due to the pain. 

He was a doctor by profession. He was a silent and reserved person. He preferred to avoid troublesome situations and used to keep silent whenever he would get angry. Most of the time, his anger was suppressed.

Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and thoroughly evaluated all the reports, based on which Dr. Shah prescribed him Calcarea fluor 30 along with his research-based medicines. Along with the medicines, he was advised to continue with physiotherapy and stretching exercises.

After 6 weeks of the homeopathic treatment, Dr. S.H. happily reported that he had not taken any painkiller after starting with the Homeopathic medicines, and, also, his other conventional medicines were stopped. There was no significant improvement in his recovery from stiffness, but his pain was manageable. Dr. Shah prescribed the same set of medicines as he had shown positive changes with the medicines.

In May 2013, he reported that his relief from the stiffness in his neck was a little better, and he was able to do the neck movements. His relief from the pain was better by 50%, and he was able to do his regular work without taking any painkillers. He continued with Homeopathic treatment, and gradually, his relief from all complaints improved. He was able to perform his free hand exercises without any difficulty. He started going for a walk and could easily walk for around 45 minutes to 1 hour without any pain.

With the change in weather and if he happened to be involved in more physical activity, there was a fluctuation in his pain. So, in case, if there was any need, he took a painkiller, but he no more needed to take the painkiller continuously as before.

With the continued homeopathic treatment for 2 years, his relief from the pain was better by 60%-70%.

The frequency and intensity of his pain and stiffness decreased gradually. In the recent feedback of 19th January 2019, his relief from the pain was better by 80% and relief from the stiffness was better by 30%-40%. He was able to perform his day-to-day activities, which were difficult for him previously.

Dr. S.H. is taking treatment from Dr. Rajesh Shah from 2012, and, still, he is continuing with the medicines. Ankylosing Spondylitis is a chronic, progressive auto-immune difficult condition and does not have any cure. In this case, we can achieve symptomatic relief and not much further degenerative changes have been observed in the past 6 years. The patient’s condition is in better control now and, also, another noteworthy improvement is that the patient’s dependency on the conventional treatment was reduced.

The scientific and research-based homeopathic treatment in such degenerative arthritis disease gives a long-standing relief and helps to prevent further damage to the joints, preserves the structure and function of the joints, and prevents the disease from affecting other vital organs.

(Written by Dr. Mithila, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah M.D)

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