Remarkable Recovery From Psoriasis With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 48-years-old married male, Mr. S.G. (PIN: 32548) consulted at Life Force for his Psoriasis complaint on 24th June 2017. He was suffering from Psoriasis for one year. His whole body was affected by it. He had itching, burning, dryness, and scaling in his eruptions. His nails and joints were not affected by it. He had taken & applied steroids. After reducing the doses of steroids, his disease was aggravated so he stopped it from the last 6 months. At the time of consultation, he was using only Ayurvedic oil on his eruptions. Besides this, he was not suffering from other complaints.   

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The patient was a non-vegetarian by diet. His appetite was normal, and he was fond of spicy foods and fish. There was no specific disliking with regards to the food. His thirst was average. His bowel was normal. But, his perspiration was profuse, offensive, and generalized. His sleep was sound but sometimes disturbed.

He was a fisherman. His wife was a homemaker. He has two daughters, the elder daughter was 8 years old and the younger daughter was 4.5 years old. His father lived at home, and his mother was a homemaker. 
He was calm and quiet. He had five sisters. Three of his sisters were well settled, but the financial condition of the other two sisters was not good so he was taking care of them. He was a very responsible person. He had a fear of height. He was helping in nature. 

He had malaria, typhoid, and backache in the past. In his family, his mother was suffering from diabetes and hypertension. 

Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed him research-based molecules for psoriasis. He was advised to do some blood tests. 

After five weeks of the treatment, he gave his first follow-up on 23rd August 2017. He reported a drastic improvement in his condition. Recovery from all his eruptions was improved by more than 75%. No new spots had appeared. In his blood tests, his vitamins were very low. So, he was advised to take vitamin supplements. 

On 22nd December 2017, when he informed about his condition, he had experienced good improvement in his condition even when the winter was going on. His condition was 80% improved. Redness, itching, & scaling all were reduced drastically.  

On his follow-up on 28th April 2018, he reported a mild aggravation in his disease for 10-15 days. A few small spots had appeared on his back. His other old spots were under control. No new spots had appeared. As per his condition, Dr. Shah did the required changes in his medicine.

On his next follow up on 21st June 2018, his condition was 60-70% improved. His relief from the redness, itching, scaling, and dryness was 60% improved. No new eruptions had appeared. He was not taking any other medicine except Homeopathic medicine from Life Force.

After a few months, when he gave his follow-up on 26th December 2018, there was a 70%-75% improvement in his recovery from the psoriatic spots. His scaling had reduced drastically. His other symptoms had also reduced a lot. He was very happy with the result. 

He is still continuing the treatment for further recovery.

This case shows us that homeopathy is highly effective in treating such type of chronic disease effectively without any side-effects. 

Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associated doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (MD, Hom)

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