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Outstanding Recovery From Vertigo Found With Homeopathy In 1 Year At Life Force

A 56-year-old lady, Mrs. R.S.R. (PIN: 31645) visited the Borivali branch of Life Force on 21st February 2017 with the complaints of vertigo, which she was suffering from a year. It would occur daily and would last for 2-3 minutes. She would experience giddiness and imbalance. She would feel everything around her is moving. Her complaints used to get aggravated on bending her head or even on lying down. Due to this, her sleep was disturbed a lot. She would feel better only by keeping her head still. Besides this, she used to experience a burning pain on the back of the head. She also used to experience a lot of weakness. She was on anti-vertigo drugs, such as T. Verbet and T. Zevert. Along with this, she was also on antidepressants.

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Mrs. R.S.R. also had Cervical spondylitis and the complaint of Insomnia. She was not taking any medications for these problems. In addition to this, she also had Tinea corporis, a fungal infection on her hips. For this infection, she was using an anti-fungal cream.

She had a mixed diet. Lately, she would feel very hungry, and her appetite too had increased. She loved eating fish and, unlike others, she would like to have bitter food. She would sweat a lot which would leave stains on her clothes and her clothes would turn stiff due to the perspiration. She would not bear the hot weather and preferred a cold climate.

Mrs. R.S.R. was a widow from 13 years. She would do some artificial jewelry work at home to spend her time. She had a son, who was working abroad, and a daughter, who was working in a bank. Her childhood was not very happy, and she had a stressful teenage life.

She had an appendicectomy and tubectomy done in the past.

By nature, she was a mild, gentle, and sober person. She was very polite and quite affectionate.

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed his research-based molecules along with Rhus Toxidendron 1M to the patient for six weeks.

On her first follow-up itself i.e. on 1st May 2017, Mrs. R.S.R. was 50% better. Her imbalance and giddiness had reduced. The same medicines were continued.

On 8th October 2017, she was far better than before. Her episodes of vertigo had reduced drastically. She had experienced just one episode of vertigo in one and a half months. Her giddiness and imbalance had reduced by 75%. Mrs. R.S.R. was feeling better in general. She was experiencing minimal weakness then. She was no more dependent on anti-vertigo medicines from March 2017.

On 6th May 2018, she reported at the branch saying that she was further better. She was feeling much better than before. Her cervical spondylitis problem also had reduced.

By 5th December 2018, Mrs. R.S.R. was almost relieved of her complaints. There was 90% improvement observed with absolutely no episodes of giddiness or imbalance experienced by her since January 2018. 

Mrs. R.S.R. is very happy with the treatment. She had gained the confidence of working with the medicines that she had lost due to the giddiness and imbalance. She still wants to continue with the treatment further, as she feels that, by taking these medicines, she keeps fit and healthy.

This case illustrates that homeopathy is highly effective in treating vertigo successfully and safely without any side-effects.

Written by Dr. Chetali D, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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