An IT Consultant With Extensive Hypertrophic Lichen Planus Finds Remarkable Improvement With Homeopathy

A 37-year-old lady, Mrs. K.A. (PIN: 20443) was suffering from extensive Hypertrophic Lichen Planus all over her body since 2005. She visited the Life Force clinic on 25th December 2012, and, before that, she had used homeopathic medicines from another homeopath oral steroids, and external steroidal ointment. When she visited the center, she had several active hypertrophic lesions on her legs, thighs, waist, hands, and abdomen. She was experiencing severe itching and scratching which led to bleeding.

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Also, she suffered from Migraine. Her migraine attacks would get triggered by a strong smell.

She was an IT consultant in a well-reputed company, however, due to her skin lesions, she had left the job. Her husband was also working in a software company. She had one 4 years old son. She was more depressed and embarrassed due to lichen planus. She had stopped going to work by quitting her job, and she would rarely socialize. She had become more irritable due to her complaints. She felt harassed due to her lichen planus.

Dr. Shah examined her, studied her case in detail, and prescribed his research-based lichen planus molecules to the patient.

When the patient visited us on 6th Feb 2013 with her husband, there was no relief in her complaints. Also, there were more new lesions developed on her body, and the itching had turned worse. Dr. Shah revised the medicines and gave additional research-based medicines along with the old medicines.

In the next follow-up, she had experienced a slight improvement. She was advised to continue with the same medicines. Gradually, the lesions started to get flat and heal.

When she visited the clinic on 23rd August 2013, she was better by 60%. Most of her lichen planus lesions were inactive. Only a few lesions on her right knee and a calf were active.

After 1.5 years of homeopathic treatment, her relief from lichen planus was better by 90%. All of her lesions had healed. Her relief from the itching was better completely, and only hyperpigmented marks were left. Also, her relief from migraine complaints had shown a remarkable improvement.

She left treatment in between, as the couple shifted to Malaysia. 

She shifted back to India in 2018 and restarted treatment for her lichen planus on 12th November 2018. She had extensive hyperpigmented marks of lichen planus on her skin. In between for 2-3 years, she tried some home remedies and followed some diet, but there was no change or improvement in marks.

She gave feedback over a call on 23rd January 2019 and informed me that there was a little difference in terms of relief in her lichen planus marks. She was advised to continue the treatment for 1 to 1.5 years for complete recovery.

She had regained the confidence and was planning to resume her work, as her skin was much better than what it was in 2012.

This case highlights that chronic, extensive, and hypertrophic lesions of lichen planus take a long time to recover as compared to small and a few recently detected lesions. Long-term homeopathic medicines help treat even chronic long-standing steroid-resistant cases effectively and safely without any side effects.

Written by Dr. Mithila K, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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