A Child From Qatar With Extensive Atopic Dermatitis Got Treated Effectively With Homeopathy

A 7-year-old girl, Miss. D.N. (PIN 24515) from Qatar visited Life Force on 7th March 2017 to get treated for her atopic dermatitis. She was suffering from atopic dermatitis since her age of 4 years. She was having extensive hyperpigmented, rough eczematous lesions almost on all parts of her body, particularly on her face, forearms, hands, legs, feet, and neck. Her skin was very dry and rough, and she was suffering from severe itching.

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Her Serum IgE levels were quite high 1641 IU in March 2017. And, her allergy screening showed that she is allergic to soybean, lemon, prawns, egg white, peanut, codfish, chickpea, banana, wheat, and cow milk. She had been treated by other homeopathic doctors from Qatar without much relief in her condition.

She had no major illness in the past. There was a strong family history of allergy and Asthma in her family. Her mother had a skin allergy. Her father suffered from Allergic Rhinitis. Her maternal grandmother suffered from Asthma, and her paternal grandmother suffered from Vitiligo.

Her appetite was good, and she loved eating fruits. Her water-intake was adequate. Thermally, she was sensitive to the cold weather.

She was a lean, thin child. She was a highly active child and would mix easily with new people. Though her family had Indian origins, her family was settled in Qatar. Her father was working in Telecom company in Qatar and mother was a housewife.

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and, after considering her case history, Dr. Shah prescribed Calcarea Phosphorica-30 along with his research-based molecules to the patient.

Within a few weeks of being treated with homeopathy, her eczema started clearing up. She showed a positive response from the first follow-up. On 5th June 2017, the parents of the patient reported that there was a 25% improvement in her recovery from eczematous lesions. The redness, flakiness and the itching had reduced. There was no change in the dryness of her skin.

Gradually, the intensity of her flare-ups reduced. On 15th January 2018, almost after taking 10 months of medicines, the parents of the patient informed that there was a 60% improvement in her skin. 

There was a consistent improvement seen in the upcoming follow-ups. 
In the month of September 2018, she was almost 90% better than earlier. The eruptions, which were present all over her body, had reduced by 90%. The relief from the roughness and dryness of her skin was better by 90%, and only the pigmentation was left. There were no new eruptions. All her lesions of atopic dermatitis had regressed. Her skin had turned normal to touch. 

After 1.5 years of continuous Homeopathic treatment, she was completely free from eczema. It was as if she had never had it. Her parents were happy with the treatment.

Atopic Dermatitis results due to the immunological disturbances inside the body. It is not quite effective to treat it externally by steroid cream. It is best treated internally using homeopathy and not externally by cream. Homeopathy is an efficacious treatment for eczema.

Written by Dr. Mithila, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah M.D.

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