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95% Recovery From Vitiligo Found In 1.5 Years With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 37-year-old male patient, Mr. R.D. (PIN: 31038) visited Life Force on 20th January 2017 with the complaints of white patches.

He was suffering from it initially having developed two months ago a single spot (size of wheat grain) but it was spreading rapidly now.

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Currently, he had developed white depigmented ring-sized formation on his penile foreskin. His body areas affected by vitiligo were his forearms near elbow joint (Bilaterally with 2 tiny spots), chin area (Bilaterally with 2 tiny spots), shin of the tibia (Bilaterally with 2 tiny spots) with joint involved, and below the left ankle bone (1 spot). Koebner phenomenon was present. The patient was taking steroids from the last 4 days.

He had a normal physique. He was a vegetarian and had no specific desires with regards to the food. He had aversions to tomatoes and capsicum. He had diminished thirst, and he used to drink only 1 lit per day. He had no addiction to alcohol/smoking/paan or any other habit. His sleep was disturbed His appetite, stool, and urine all were normal.

He was a Dentist and practicing from 12 yrs. His wife was also a dentist, and he has two children both are studying in school.

The patient was emotionally sensitive, loquacious, nervous, and anxious. He had anxiety with regards to his diagnosis of vitiligo.

In the past medical history, he had no illness. According to his family medical history, his grandfather was hypertensive, and his grandmother was diabetic.

His current weight was 64 kgs and B.P. was 100/80 mm Hg.

Dr. Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed him research-based medicines for every 6 weeks.

The patient visited us after one month saying that he had experienced a 10% improvement in his relief.

After two months of further treatment, his recovery from the complaints got almost 30%-40% better.

In June 2017, all his spots were almost 70% better in terms of recovery. His penile depigmentation was 20% relieved.

After four months of further homeopathic treatment, re-pigmentation started occurring in a few spots. There was no spread of the disease to other parts.  His genital spots had started decreasing in size.

In November 2017, his complaints were stable with no further spread.
In April 2018, recovery from all his spots was better by 95%. His penile depigmentation was under control, and it was not spreading further.

The patient was still on the treatment with no development of new spots and no further spread. His vitiligo spots were no more prominent.

This case illustrates that homeopathic medicines offer a great result in promoting the recovery from vitiligo, even in the cases where difficult areas are involved. Homeopathy is highly effective in treating vitiligo remarkably and safely without any side-effects.

Written by Dr. Snehal Indani, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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