A 4-Year-Old Girl Found A Remarkable Recovery From A Difficult Variety Of Vitiligo With Homeopathy

A 4-year-old girl, Ms. R.D. (PIN: 35854) visited Life Force’s Chembur branch on 24th February 2018 for the treatment of her Vitiligo. She belonged to a small village (Nanded) in Maharashtra, and, after reading about Life Force on YouTube, her parents decided to approach us for treatment. She had distinct hypopigmented spots present only on the corner of her lips. 

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This is a very difficult variety of vitiligo to treat with any mode of medication, be it conventional or homeopathic. In her case, the spots had developed after an injury. She would hold her bottle of milk for hours in her lips, which in turn caused injury resulting in vitiligo. The parents had started her conventional treatment two months back, but that didn’t help. She was prescribed with some oral and local corticosteroids. Along with Vitiligo, she also had frequent colds, for which she was given antibiotics once in three months. 

As far as her physical generals were concerned, she had a non-vegetarian, who was having an excessive liking for eggs. She ate less as compared to other kids of her age and was very choosy about food. She also had an average thirst. She would perspire excessively on the neck and head.

She was a premature baby, who was born in 8 months and weighed 1.75kgs at birth. She was not breastfed since birth. All her milestones were attained at the optimum age with no signs of developmental delay. 

There were no major health issues or any significant autoimmune disease present in her family.

She did not have any significant past medical history other than frequent colds.

Taking into consideration her entire case history, Dr. Shah prescribed her medicines that would take care of her Vitiligo as well as frequent colds. It was clearly told to her parents that re-pigmentation is not expected in such a difficult variety of Vitiligo and that the medicines would be targeted towards control of the disease. Our first priority, in her case, was to take her off the oral and local corticosteroids. The disease was expected to increase after stopping the steroids and the same was communicated to parents. An associate doctor also got certain blood tests done for her and corrective steps were taken immediately.


On 9th April 2018, the parents of the patient called up to inform that she was improving and her spots were reducing in size. Surprisingly, there was no symptom of steroidal withdrawal observed. After making some necessary changes in the prescription, Dr. Shah gave her medicines for two months. 

Her parents religiously called every two months for follow-up, and they would get the medicines couriered at their place.

The patient then visited on 20th February 2019. To everybody’s surprise, the spots on the corner of her lips were not seen at all. A complete re-pigmentation had occurred with no trace of vitiligo. The parents were really very happy to share that she was doing so well, as they remembered that Dr. Shah had not promised complete re-pigmentation because it was a difficult area to deal with. 

They still continue treatment for effective control and management of Vitiligo as well as the colds. Not to forget, she is experiencing great relief from her colds and has an overall improved level of immunity.

Homeopathy addresses the overall health of the person, thereby balancing the imbalance at different levels in body and mind. Homeopathy gives fantastic results in Vitiligo, particularly in children. Although the corners of lips are difficult to re-pigment, we saw a remarkable recovery in this child. The key to such outstanding results is faith in treatment, understanding the pathogenesis of the disease, selecting appropriate medicines, and treating the person as a whole.

Written by Dr. Amrita Utekar, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah 

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