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Complete Relief From Chronic Cold & Bronchitis Found In 1 Year With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 63-year-old male patient (PIN: 25534) visited our clinic of Life Force to start the treatment for his chronic cold from which he was suffering from almost a year. He started the treatment with us from April 2015.

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While noting his case history, he mentioned that the frequency of his cold was daily and it lasted for about 5-6 hours. Thus, it was causing a problem in carrying out his day-to-day activities, and, in order to get relief, he used to use nasal spray and was on some Ayurvedic medicines. Yet, he was experiencing relief just temporarily. During the episode, he often experienced suffocation along with the dryness of mouth and irritating nose block. He also experienced wheezing on exertion, thus it was causing difficulty in his breathing smoothly.

His symptoms used to get aggravated on exertion, on exposure to an air-conditioner, and while sleeping. He had a past history of asthma, way back during his childhood at the age of 12 years, which was later stable.  
After a detailed study of his case, Dr. Shah recommended him the homeopathic treatment of one year and prescribed medicines to him after a detailed study of his symptoms.

During his visit for his first follow-up, the patient showed an improvement of about 60%. His symptoms of suffocation and wheezing were relieved by almost 50%, and as the subsequent follow-ups were taken he always showed further improvement. And, by his last follow-up that is by the end of 12 months, he showed recovery of about 80% from all his symptoms without the use of any nasal spray or Ayurvedic medicines. 

After a gap of one and a half years, the patient visited the clinic again with the complaint of bronchitis, which was under control only with allopathic treatment, He started treatment with Life Force for his bronchitis from 27th Nov 2018. Dr. Shah prescribed him medicines after a detailed case study again.
Initially, during the first follow-up, signs of improvement were observed. Along with homeopathic treatment, his on-going allopathic treatment was slowly tapered off.

In a recent follow-up, he showed an improvement of 75% in his relief from bronchitis. No episode of attack of bronchitis had affected him without any allopathic medicines. Currently, the patient got relief from both his major complaints of cold and bronchitis in one year itself.


Homeopathic medicines enhance overall immunity and reduce the frequency of episodes. You may need to take conventional medicines initially, and the homeopathic treatment may be continued. Both the treatments can go hand in hand without any interference. Homeopathy shows great results in treating cases of cold and bronchitis without making the patient dependent on homeopathic medicines for lifelong. Homeopathy is highly effective in providing relief from chronic cold and bronchitis successfully and safely without any side-effects. 

Written by Dr. Shraddha J, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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