Good Improvement In Relief From Obstinate & Chronic Polymyositis With Homeopathic Medicine At Life Force

A 55-year-old female, Mrs. S.U.D. (PIN: 14856) visited Life Force center on 20th September 2010 for the treatment of her complaint of polymyositis and an underactive thyroid. She was experiencing a progressive weakness in her limbs, particularly in the lower limbs. She was experiencing this complaint for 10 to 12 years. Initially, her disease was diagnosed with myopathy. During the consultation, she reported progressive weakness in the muscle. She was experiencing difficulty in walking and getting up from the sofa or bed and for that she required support. She had taken steroid treatment in the past. But, at the time of consultation, she was taking some painkiller & multivitamins.

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She was investigated by a neurologist in August 2010. 

Following tests were done. 

1.CPK - 282
2.Muscle biopsy - polymyositis, 
3.X-ray of both knee joints - bilateral osteoarthritis (right more than left), 
4.Nerve conduction test - l5 radiculopathies and sensorimotor polyneuropathy
5.Electromyogram Ð primary muscle disorder. 

She was obese. Also, she had an underactive thyroid. For it, she was taking a thyroid supplement.
Along with this, she had severe knee pain. She had the history of fractured cartilage of her left knee during exercise. But, at the time of consultation, her right knee was severely painful.

She was a non-vegetarian by diet. Her appetite was normal. She was fond of sour & spicy foods. She liked eating fish a lot. She had no specific disliking with regards to the food. Her thirst was average, but her perspiration was profuse. Her bowel and bladder functions were normal. She enjoyed a sound sleep. Her menses were delayed.
She was a homemaker. Her husband was working in Taj hotel as a chef. 
There was no history of any major illness in her family. She had urticaria in past history. 

She was obese by built. She was very social and fun loving. She liked traveling, cooking, watching movies, dancing, and electronic gadgets. She was adjustive by nature. She had the fear of loneliness, darkness, & crowd. She enjoyed her friends’ company. 

Based on the above case history and details, a research-based molecule was prescribed to the patient. 


On 15th November 2010, when she gave her first follow-up, there was a mild improvement in her condition. 

On 25th August 2011, she reported relief in her joint pain and bone pain. She informed that after taking homeopathic medicine, her painkillers were reduced and deterioration in her condition had slowed down. 

On 21st March 2012, she informed that her condition was stable. But. her CPK which was 219 was reduced by 175 by homeopathic treatment. Her joint pain had reduced a lot. Her acidity was also reduced by 60%. 

In 2013, on 18th February, she reported stability in her condition. She could walk with the help of a walker and her speed and mobility had increased. Her weight had also reduced. She was taking her thyroid supplement regularly.

After four years (on 10th July 2014) of following homeopathic medications, she was feeling much better with her recovery. The positive outcome was that the disease process had stopped deteriorating. It was well under control. Her relief from the symptoms of pains and weakness had improved to a considerable extent. 
On 6th February 2015, she reported a good improvement in her condition. Her condition was stable, and her painkillers were completely stopped. Her acidity was well under control. She was happy with the improvement so far. 

In 2016, she gave her feedback. Her improvement was slow and steady and she was quite satisfied with the homeopathic treatment. Her doses of thyroid supplement were also reduced. With homeopathic treatment, she was also maintaining her diet and walking, so she was able to lose her weight and was happy to report it. She had always been positive about her recovery.

In October 2016, she reported a new complaint of uterine fibroid. For it, she was operated as per her gynecologist’s advice. 

In 2017, she was not experiencing any problem. Her condition was stable. Her movement had improved a lot. Only in the rainy season, she had faced knee pain. 

After eight years of treatment on 27th July 2018, she informed that her disease was in a stable state. No further deterioration was observed for many years. Her joint pain and acidity were almost cured. Symptomatically, she had improved a lot.

On 29th April 2019, she reported a slight swelling on her ankles and a mild imbalance. Except for these, all her other symptoms were under control. As per her condition, Dr. Shah has done the required changes in her medicine. 

She is still under our care. 

This illustrates that Homeopathy has a significant role to play in treating such difficult diseases, such as polymyositis, an underactive thyroid, and others, and in helping patients live as normal life as possible.

Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (MD. HOM)

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