A Professor Recovered From An Underactive Thyroid & Eczema With Homeopathy In 9 Months

A 36-year-old professor working in a renowned college of Mumbai (PIN: 29019) visited Life Force on 18th June 2016 for her complaint of eczema. She had a complaint of eczema persistent for five years on the thumb and the right foot. There were granular eruptions observed on her skin on examination, and they would ooze fluid after itching. Her itching used to get aggravated after using detergent and soaps. 

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Additionally, she was also suffering from the complaint of Hypothyroidism. It was detected in a routine check-up. After going through her medical reports, she was also found to be anemic. Her hemoglobin was 10.2 gm/dl. She mentioned that her hemoglobin would always be on a lower side since her childhood, as she had erratic dietary patterns. But, this was the lowest reading ever she had till date.

She followed a vegetarian diet. She had a low appetite. She had a habit of sucking the lead pencil, as she was in the teaching profession for many years. Her thirst was average, and thermally, she was very sensitive to the cold weather.

She had a 9-year-old son and a daughter, who was 7-year-old. She was working as a professor in a renowned engineering college of the city, and her husband was working with Tata Power. They lived in a nuclear family, and the patient would get along well with everyone.

The patient was lean and had a pale look on her face.

On inquiring about her nature, she mentioned that she would get tensed easily. Also, she was short-tempered. She was not satisfied with her current job, and she had regrets as she could not pursue her dream job.

The patient was prone to recurrent throat infections in the past.

There was no major illness present in her family, except for her father being hypertensive. 

After reviewing the patient’s case in detail, she was prescribed with Petroleum 200 for eczema and a few research-based medicines for her hypothyroid state by the doctor. She was strictly advised dietary corrections, as following the right diet tips would help increase her immunity further and prevent the aggravations of the conditions, such as an underactive thyroid. She was also advised to check her iron, vitamin D3, and vitamin B12 levels to rule out any other possibility of deficiency. The patient was also prescribed with hematinic to combat anemia. Dietary recommendations were also given to support the treatment.


The patient visited the clinic for the first follow-up on 10th September 2016. She happily mentioned that she was symptomatically better. Her energy levels had improved and palpitations had reduced to 50%. After examining eczema, her eruptions were subsiding and the itching and redness too had reduced. There were no new eruptions. She was advised to avoid contact with detergents and wear gloves whenever she needed to wash utensils. Further medicines were prescribed for two months.

The patient called up to give the next feedback on 13th December 2016. She had emailed her thyroid reports along with Vitamin B12, vitamin D3, and Iron investigations. The TSH had reduced from 31 to 22. She was symptomatically better by 70%. There was no evidence of swelling on her feet now. The medical reports dated 26th November 2016 revealed as follows; TSH - 22.660 (HIGH), Vitamin B12 - 191 (LOW), Vitamin D3 - <4 (DEFICIENT), and Iron studies: 156.40 (Borderline low). She was prescribed with vitamin B12 and vitamin D3 supplements to keep no stone unturned in her treatment and to improve her immunity in all respects.

The next follow-up was given by the patient on 11th March 2017. The patient visited the clinic and mentioned that there was a 75% reduction in her eczema. The eruptions were insignificantly visible, and itching was occasional now. She had also repeated thyroid profile, and the TSH values were further reduced to 8.678. There were no symptoms of an underactive thyroid on inquiry. Dr. Shah prescribed medicines accordingly to the patient.

Later, the patient gave her follow-up online on 30th May 2017. She wrote that she feels that she is experiencing a complete recovery from eczema and an underactive thyroid. The affected areas of her skin were now completely normal, and no evidence of eczema was left. She was free from all symptoms of an underactive thyroid, such as palpitations and tiredness. She was quite active throughout the day. The same medicines for both her conditions were couriered to her since she was doing consistently well.

On 7th September 2017, the patient informed about her condition. She said that there was no sign of eczema with the last set of medicine. And, as far as her underactive thyroid complaint was concerned, she responded very well. Her hair loss had reduced, and there was no weight gained. Her menses were also regular. 

On 7th April 2018, she visited the center. Her condition was very good. Her recovery from an underactive thyroid and eczema had improved a lot. With regards to eczema, she was not facing any episode of it, but sometimes sunlight triggered her condition. As far as her underactive thyroid was concerned, she was good symptomatically so she was advised to do the TFT(Thyroid function test).

She was taking her medicine regularly. On 2nd October 2018, she reported more than 80% recovery from eczema. There was a complete recovery from eczema which had affected her fingers spots, and her hand's spots were under control. Her TSH level was also reduced without any conventional supplement. In three years, her TSH which was 31.370 reduced to 6.58. Symptomatically, she was good. 

A few months later, on 15th April 2019, she reported 100% recovery from eczema and stable condition as far as underactive thyroid was concerned. She was advised to stop eczema medicine due to total recovery. She was taking homeopathic medicine for an underactive thyroid. She was happy and satisfied with the result.


This case depicts two autoimmune diseases affecting the same patient and how homeopathy helped in regulating the thyroid levels and treating eczema effectively in no time. This proves that early detection, prompt diagnosis, and immediate homeopathic treatment can give you great results quickly and effectively.  

Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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