8-Year-Old Child Finds Excellent Relief From Congenital Ichthyosis Vulgaris With Life Force Treatment

An 8-year-old child, Miss P.S. (PIN: 32105) had visited Life Force Homeopathy’s Chembur clinic on 9th May 2017 with her parents. 

She was suffering from Ichthyosis Vulgaris since birth. Most of her body areas, such as the face, ears, back, abdomen, and legs, were affected by this condition. Her major complaints were extreme dryness in the affected areas with fish-scale like the appearance of the skin. There was excessive scaling accompanied by a mild itching in all the areas. Also, she had occasional episodes of watering of eyes along with the pain. Her condition of dry skin worsened in the winter and on coming in contact with the water. Her condition was slightly better in the summer.

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She was taking conventional medicines since the start that included antihistamines and clobetasol cream. Since 3 months, before coming to Life Force, she was advised Mometasone cream as well. Clobetasol and mometasone are both steroidal medications suggested in such cases. Her parents were worried about the steroidal medications which were given to her, and, hence, they decided to visit Life Force.

The patient was also underweight and was having a low appetite. There were no digestion issues present. 

The patient was very mild and introvert by nature. She preferred to be at home with family. She avoided going out to play with her friends. She was very gentle by nature and not at all stubborn.

The entire case history was taken with an emphasis on her diagnosed clinical condition. The entire case was analyzed and the prescription was given by Dr. Shah. She was advised to continue her conventional medicines with the homeopathic medicines initially, as her body dependency on the same was high.


During the first follow-up after two months in June 2017, there was not much change in her condition. The condition was as it is. She was given the proper instructions regarding reducing her conventional medicines.

During the second follow-up in September 2017, there were mild changes in her condition. Her conventional medications were advised to be stopped. The dryness of her skin had started responding to the treatment. Her relief from the itching was also observed to be improving. Mild changes in the scaling of the skin were also noticed.

In December 2017, her condition was very stable and improving mildly. Her parents described this as one of the best winters as her condition worsened severely in every winter and they would be stressed about it. She didn’t need to take conventional creams or medicines now.

By February 2018, the patient’s relief from the condition was overall better by 50%. The skin pattern and texture had improved a lot. The scaling had reduced. There was no itching of the skin present. The recovery from the fish scaly pattern was improving. Her skin had started to improve. Her overall appetite was also better.

By May 2018, her relief from the condition improved by 60%. Her recovery from the fish-scale pattern and dryness was improving day by day with the medicines. Her itching had stopped completely.

In October 2018, her relief from the condition was very good despite the weather changes and winter. Her condition was improving overall.

In her recent follow-up on May 2019, the patient’s entire body skin was around 70%-80% better than earlier and her skin texture and pattern was coming closer to normal skin appearance. The fish scaly skin had almost disappeared. Her skin dryness had reduced immensely and the relief from it was better with the medicines.

The patient is still under our treatment to get the condition treated completely. The child is very happy to have her normal skin back and to get treated for her condition without any discomfort. Her parents are happy with her improvement. They are happy that she is freed from depending on steroidal medications her entire life and hoping her to be completely treated at Life Force.

This case illustrates that homeopathy is highly effective in treating Ichthyosis Vulgaris successfully and safely without any side-effects.

Written by Dr. Neethu Krishnan, Associate doctor to Dr. Shah

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