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Excellent Improvement In Anxiety Disorder Found With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 35-year-old patient, Dr. S.B. (PIN: 38048) visited Life Force Homeopathy with her complaint of anxiety disorder. She visited our Life Force Thane Clinic on 26th September 2018.

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She was suffering from Anxiety issues for the past 20 years. Her complaints had worsened and turned severe in the last two years. She was suffering from issues, such as severe anxiousness. She was constantly feeling a sense of loneliness. Every small thing would irritate her, and she would over-react to the situations rather than handling things calmly. She had also recently started experiencing issues, such as forgetfulness.  

She had a strong feeling of being forsaken and abandoned. Her will power was also immensely affected due to the same. She was constantly over-analyzing and blaming herself. Her sleep was quite disturbed and unrefreshing. She was experiencing severe anger issues as well. She also had suicidal thoughts but was afraid as well of the same. However, the thoughts bothered her.

She was taking conventional medicine Alprazolam with no relief since the past 6 months.

When case taking was done in detail, some issues, such as parental issues, were observed. A lack of emotional support was affecting her, and constant quarrels with the spouse and family members added to the issues. Due to all these factors, the patient was emotionally troubled and that worsened her anxiety.

A detailed medical history was taken. The patient was given the proper guidance and counseling as well as advised dietary modifications and routine changes in her daily life. The entire case was assessed and evaluated by Dr. Shah and the medications were prescribed to the patient.


In December 2018, after taking medicines for 4 months, her condition had started responding to the medicines well. Her overall relief from the intensity of her anxiety was about 20%-30% better. The intensity of all the issues had started reducing and her relief was improving. Her relief from anger issues was getting better. The patient’s self-blaming had also reduced, and she started feeling a sense of calmness. Her sleep was improved and she felt refreshed in the morning. Her discomforting habit of constant overanalyzing had also reduced but still present.

In March 2019, her relief from the complaints started showing a better response. Her anger issues were under control very well. Her self-confidence had started to improve. Her self-blaming had reduced immensely. Her irritation had also reduced to a great extent. She was responding to the situations calmer than before. Her constant self-analyzing had also reduced to a great extent. She was no more blaming herself for her problems but was getting stronger emotionally. The feeling of being lonely and abandoned had also started disappearing. 

In May 2019, there is an overall improvement of about 50% in her condition. Her anxiety levels are very much under control. Anger issues were milder and manageable. She no more has suicidal thoughts. Her will power and self-confidence are also improving day by day with the medications. She no longer has to take conventional medicines. Her sleep is better and refreshing. She can focus on her work, as her constant brooding and over-analyzing have reduced immensely.

The patient is still under the treatment at Life Force. She is immensely grateful that Life Force is helping her to get out of such a serious condition which was also ruining her career. She is happy that today she is leading a better life. She hopes being treated for a complete recovery from this condition and have a happy life.

This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating anxiety disorder incredibly and safely without any side-effects.

(Written by Dr. Neethu Krishnan, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah)

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