Childhood Asthma treated effectively with Homeopathy in 1 year

A 23-year-old young female, Miss. R.M.S. (PIN:  37607) started treatment with Life Force on 6th August 2018 for Asthma which she was suffering since childhood. During the case taking she mentioned that she was experiencing the frequency of episodes daily and they used to last for the whole night approximately for 6-7 hours. She experienced a remission of the condition for 2 years and also a relapse of asthma from the last 2 years. The intensity of her each episode was severe. In this case, it was noticed that it was steroid masked. The patient complained of severe breathlessness with a dry cough which was so severe that it disturbed her sleep at night. There was a strong genetic link of asthma present. All the symptoms used to get aggravated during the rainy season and post eating chocolates. She was on Rotainhalers (Foracort 400 mg), which she took after every episode.

After going through the case details in detail, Dr. Shah recommended her treatment for at least 1 year looking at the severity of symptoms and prescribed her medicines accordingly after a proper evaluation of the case.


During the first follow-up, the patient showed an improvement of about 5%. The frequency and other associated symptoms of asthma had reduced.

And, as the treatment was continued further, the patient began to show signs of improvement at every follow-up.

At her third follow-up on 30th October 2018, the patient had shown tremendous improvement in her health. After the second follow-up, there was no episode of asthma affecting her. And, as the treatment was continued for 1 year, the patient experienced a complete recovery from chronic asthma.

Currently, the patient has recovered from her chronic problem of asthma which she was suffering since childhood. The patient is very happy with the results which she experienced with homeopathy.



Homeopathy is a natural system of medicines that utilizes minute doses of well-researched remedies to enhance the body’s natural healing process. Homeopathic treatment for Asthma treats the patient as a whole and not only reduces the severity of the attack but also helps to prevent further attacks. Homeopathic treatment for Asthma believes in prescribing for the individual in disease rather than for the disease in an individual.

Homeopathic treatment for asthma targets the immune system to boost the immunity and correct the root cause of the disease. This not only minimizes the intensity of the attack but also helps to prevent further attacks resulting in permanent recovery.


(Written by Dr. Shraddha Jadhav, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah)

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