A Complete Relief From Urticaria Found With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 63-year-old male patient (PIN: 28255) who was working as a Quality Assurance Officer in a private firm visited our clinic in Chembur in March 2016 with complaints, such as severe itching with irregular, reddish, maculopapular rashes on his scalp, hands, and legs along with the swelling around the eyes. He had started experiencing this complaint 20 days before he visited our clinic. There was no known cause for it. He had already started with antihistamines from the conventional system of medicine and got a momentary relief. Besides this, he was having associated ailments, such as Grade I fatty liver and Hypertension, for which he was under allopathic medicines.


His complaint used to get aggravated particularly in the morning, and nothing could relieve him of the complaint except for the medicines (anti-histamines).

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He had a past medical history of allergic rhinitis at his 25 to 35-year-old age.

He had the habits of smoking cigarettes from the last 17 years and drinking alcohol for 30 years on an almost daily basis. He was a non-vegetarian and liked to eat meat, eggs, chicken, and spicy sweetish food. His water intake was average around 2 liters per day. His stools were satisfactory but hard and required straining. His urination was asymptomatic. He used to enjoy a sound sleep of 8 hours, and he preferred to lie on the sides.


The patient was straightforward by nature. He was an introvert person and not so expressive. The patient generally used to think a lot, and he had worries with regards to his son's study as his son failed in Plus two.


After studying his case history and details thoroughly, appropriate medicines were prescribed to the patient.


As the patient started homeopathic treatment under Dr. Shah without wasting time, he immediately got relief. Here is his improvement observed in every follow-up.


We treat patients from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE & 180 more countries. Get an expert opinion on your ailment, click here to ask Dr. Shah's team directly.


In the first follow-up, he experienced a rapid improvement, as the rashes on his hands and legs did not repeat and the general itching was reducing every other day. The intensity of itching on the scalp part was slightly reduced. Also, the patient had started reducing his alcohol intake and cigarette smoking. He also followed the diet restrictions, which we advised, such as avoiding highly fatty, oily food, red meat, etc.


During his second follow-up in August 2016, his scalp itching had reduced considerably. However, he was continuing with the medicines, as there prevails a chance of recurrence in the case of Urticaria. The patient was regular with medicines. The swelling around his eyes was not noticed after starting with the medicines at Life Force.


By the end of 2016, he was almost 100% relieved of general itching. No more rashes were present on his scalp and any other part of the body. So, by May 2017, we tapered the dosage and the treatment stopped completely within 6 months from then. But, then, he was under the treatment for his other health issues like a fatty liver.



This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in controlling the cases of recurrent diseases like urticaria immediately and effectively if treated early and properly.

  • Written by Dr. Ashitha, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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