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An Army Man Beats Lichen Planus With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 21-year-old army man (PIN: 28990) visited Life Force on 15th June 2016 for the treatment of Lichen Planus, which he was suffering from one year. It was progressing from the last 15 days. His complaints had started spreading after he had participated in a swimming competition a year back.


All his lesions had suppressed during his visit due to the previous application of steroids. He had hyperpigmented marks with no itching or bleeding. He had taken antihistamines and steroids in tapered doses for one year.


In the past, the patient had suffered from Juvenile arthritis at the age of 5 years and had got it treated with immunosuppressants.

As per his family medical history, the patient’s mother had a brain tumor and diabetes.


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He had a strong liking for chicken and fish. He was a hot patient, thermally. He used to pass clear stools. He used to sweat a lot.

The patient had a very strict childhood, as his father was a brigadier and he used to maintain a lot of discipline at home. The patient couldn't argue much in front of his father. 


After a detailed case taking and studying his case thoroughly, Dr. Shah prescribed his research-based medicines for 2 months to the patient.




When he gave his first follow-up on 1st August 2016, his relief from all his complaints was better. His spots had started fading. No new lesions had appeared. At the same time, he was taking the steroid in the tapered form. He was advised to stop the steroids.


On 26th December 2016, when he visited our clinic for the follow-up, recovery from all his spots had improved by 50%. He has also stopped steroids and had experienced no aggravation after stopping the steroids.


On 5th September 2017, he gave an online follow-up saying that he had improved drastically after taking homeopathic medicines. He was almost 70% better than how he was at the start of the treatment.


On 4th July 2018, when his father called for the follow-up, he informed that the patient was doing fine with no complaints. His marks were also fading gradually with the treatment.


On 5th July 2019, when the patient visited the clinic, all his lesions had vanished. Just slight spots were present. Dr. Shah advised him to discontinue the medicine as he was better and had improved completely. He thanked Dr. Shah and Life Force team for treating him to relieve him of such a difficult disease.



This case highlights that lichen planus can be treated without aggravation successfully with homeopathy, even when it is suppressed with steroids.


  • Written by Neethu J, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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