Quick & Effective Relief From Acne & Dandruff Found With Homeopathy

A 17-year-old young girl, Ms. A. N. B. (PIN: 38945) visited Life Force on 25th December 2018 for her complaints of acne and dandruff. She was suffering from the complaints of acne for three to four years, but it was progressing from the last two months. She had acne rosacea on her cheeks, chin, and forehead. Her acne was painful and pustular. Most often, her complaint used to get aggravated before menses and would reduce when the flow would start. Her dandruff complaint was present from the last two years. However, she was not taking any treatment for it. 


Besides this, she was not suffering from any other complaint.


She followed a non-vegetarian diet. She liked spicy and non-vegetarian food a lot, particularly chicken. Her thirst was very less, and she drank hardly 1 liter of water a day. Her perspiration used to occur mainly on her face. Her bowel movement and menstrual cycle were normal. Her sleep was sound. Thermally, she was very sensitive to the hot weather.


She was a student of 11th Std. Her father was NMMT Bus Controller, and her mother was a housewife. She had one brother, who was 12 years old.


On inquiring about her nature, she mentioned that she was caring and helping in nature. Also, she was short-tempered and stubborn.


There was no major illness present in her past medical history and her family medical history. Her grandfather was suffering from diabetes.


After reviewing the patient’s case in detail, she was prescribed with research-based medicines.


She was strictly advised dietary corrections, as following the right diet tips would help increase her immunity further and prevent the aggravation of the conditions. She was also advised to check her iron, vitamin D3, and vitamin B12 levels to rule out any other possibility of deficiency.



The patient visited the clinic for the first follow-up on 4th March 2019. She happily mentioned that she had experienced a 30% improvement in her relief from the acne. She informed that her discomforts, such as redness, itching, and pain, related to acne had reduced. And, recovery from the pustular tendency of her acne was also showing good improvement. But, her dandruff was aggravated, possibly it was due to the winter weather. So, the required changes were done in her medicine, and it was prescribed to her for two months.


The patient called up to give her the next feedback on 23rd April 2019. She reported a 50% improvement further in her relief from acne complaints. The intensity and severity of her acne had reduced drastically. This time, she reported a 30% improvement in relief from her dandruff complaints.


At the next follow-up, when she visited the center on 24th June 2019, her overall condition was very good. Her acne was a 75% reduced. She looked fresh during the feedback. Her dandruff was also reduced by more than 50%. She was quite satisfied with the result.


Still, she is continuing our treatment for further recovery.



This case highlights that homeopathic treatment can provide you great results and remarkable recovery from the complaints of acne and dandruff quickly and effectively. 


  • Written by Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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