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A Difficult Case Of Pilonidal Sinus & Piles Found Great Relief With Homeopathy

A 35-year-old male patient (PIN: 30985) approached Life Force Homeopathy with the complaints of Pilonidal Sinus, Piles, and fissure-in-ano. He was suffering from pilonidal sinus for 10 years with repeated infections and discharge and severe pain and burning in the affected area. His complaint had started with a boil and discomfort in the coccygeal region. He was not able to sit properly and was worried a lot. He had also undergone and followed many treatments, including laser therapy but experienced no significant improvement in relief.

He approached Life Force Homeopathy in 2017 with a lot of hope.

After studying his case details thoroughly, homeopathic medicines were prescribed to the patient.


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After taking the treatment from Dr. Rajesh Shah, when the patient gave his first follow-up, his pain had reduced drastically to about 40% as compared to his initial status. The swelling had also reduced, and he was relieved of the discharge from the affected area.

Also, the patient’s symptoms of fissure-in-ano, such as bleeding from rectum and pain, had reduced a lot. He was also relieved of his complaint of piles to a great extent during the homeopathic treatment.

After following the homeopathic treatment for 10 months, he got about 90% relief from all his complaints. He was very happy as he got great relief from the condition with homeopathic treatment at Life Force Homeopathy.


This case illustrates that homeopathy is highly effective in treating pilonidal sinus, piles, and fissure-in-ano incredibly and safely without any side-effects.

  •  Written by Dr. Vinay, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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