A 19-Year-Old Boy Successfully Treated For Lichen Planus With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 19-year-old male (PIN: 33409) visited the Life Force Homeopathy’s clinic on 2nd September 2017 with his complaints of Lichen Planus.


The patient was suffering from Lichen Planus since March 2017, and this skin condition was increasing since 1 month. Round, irregular, and thickened dark lesions had developed on his hands, legs, and private parts. He used to experience mild scaling and itching which would increase in the evening. The patient was applying topical steroids on the lesions due to which the relief from some lesions turned better but still they were persisted.


The patient also complained of severe acne. He had pustular eruptions on his cheeks, neck, chest, and back. He had taken conventional treatment for it but got no relief.


The patient experienced profuse perspiration on his face and back.


By nature, the patient was reserved. He never used to share his feelings. The patient's father had expired due to which he had become sad. Also, his complaints used to get aggravated due to it.


After going through his case, Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed him research-based medicines for 6 weeks.

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After 6 weeks of homeopathic treatment on 17th October 2017, the patient's complaints were as it is. His lesions had not increased. He was again prescribed medicines for 6 weeks.


After a further 3 months of homeopathic treatment on 20th January 2018, the patient reported that his relief from the complaints was 70% better. The lesions over his hands were fading. No new eruptions had appeared.


The patient was very regular in taking the medications. In the subsequent follow-ups, there were no complaints of new eruptions. His old spots were also fading.


When he gave the last follow-up on 19th June 2019, the patient was more than 80% improved than earlier. The recovery from all his lesions was better, and just hyperpigmentation of a few spots was remaining.


The patient continued his treatment for further improvement.



This case illustrates that homeopathy can treat difficult inflammatory skin conditions, such as lichen planus, effectively and safely without any side-effects. Homeopathy has a good scope in managing difficult skin conditions.

  • Written by Dr. Swapnaja Nagle, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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