A Lichen Planus Patient Got Almost Completely Relieved Of Its Symptoms With Homeopathy

A 62-year-old male patient (PIN: 15529) visited Life Force clinic at Chembur in February 2011 with the problem of lichen planus. His palms and soles were mainly affected by roughness, dryness, and hardened skin. Also, he was having some scattered lesions on his feet and a few ones on the forearms. The itching was affecting him occasionally. He had also developed slight lesions in the oral mucosa (mouth).

He was under steroidal medication for a long time and didn’t want to continue the same due to its possible side-effects. Also, steroids didn’t provide him ae prolonged relief from his skin complaints.

He was a vegetarian and had a craving for sweets, groundnuts, and dry fruits. The patient was having a habit of taking alcohol and smoking very occasionally. He used to perspire more on the forehead. He was more sensitive to the cold climate.

He was friendly by nature. Also, he was talkative, anxious, expressive, and confident.

He had a family medical history of cancer and diabetes from his parents. He was taking treatment for hypertension.

After a detailed study of his case history and details, Dr. Shah prescribed medicines to the patient.


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After taking medicines for 6 months, the patient experienced a remarkable recovery of about 50% from lichen planus. No new spots had appeared. His hyperpigmented spots were faded away.

By September 2011, he got 70% relief in his discomforting condition. No new spots or lesions had developed. He was relieved of the condition a lot.

After following the homeopathic medication and treatment for about 1 year, the patient got a relief of about 80%-90% in lichen planus. He experienced a relief in the patches on the soles, legs, and palms.

He was very happy with the treatment he received and the improvement in his health and was thanking Dr. Shah and Life Force Homeopathy.



This case illustrates that homeopathy plays a key role in treating Lichen planus, which is an autoimmune chronic disease condition, effectively and safely without any side-effects. It offers better results in long-term treatment.

  • Written by Dr. Vinay R., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah




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