Homeopathy Boosts Immunity & Gifts Complete Recovery From Chronic Atopic Dermatitis

A 15-year-old young girl visited at our Life Force center in December 2018 with her parents for treating her complaint of Atopic dermatitis. She had been suffering from this complaint for 5 years. But, her complaint was progressing for 2 weeks. Her arms folds, the left knee fold, and the right thigh were affected by the disease. At the time of consultation, she had severe dryness, scaling, and redness on her arms and knee fold. Due to the dryness, the pain was also severe and she was unable to fold her hands. She had taken steroid-based treatment in the past. During her first visit, she was taking homeopathic treatment from another center. Her patient identification number (PIN) was 38752 at Life Force. She had a history of watery sticky discharge from the lesion, but now it was no more. Besides this, she was not suffering from any other complaint.


She was a vegetarian by diet and was fond of sweets and maggie. She had no specific disliking for any food. Her appetite was normal, but her thirst was excessive. Her perspiration was less than average. Her bowel movement and menses were normal. Her sleep was sound.


She was a student of 9th Std. Her father was working in MTNL as an Accounts manager, and her mother was working in the HR department of a private firm. She had one sister who was studying in 2nd year of BMS.


She had chickenpox in the past. In her family’s medical history, her mother was suffering from diabetes, and her maternal grandmother was also suffering from diabetes. Her paternal grandfather had cancer of the stomach, and her cousin had the same skin complaint i.e. atopic dermatitis.


After studying her case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed his research-based molecule to the patient. And, she was also advised to take vitamin D supplements, as Vitamin D levels were low in her blood reports. Right guidance concerning a suitable diet was given to the patient, and she was also recommended to apply coconut oil 3-4 times a day as per the requirement. She was also advised to do the skin biopsy.

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In January 2019, her mother reported her condition. Her condition had improved by 50%. All her symptoms, such as dryness, scaling, and pain, had reduced a lot. Now, the patient could comfortably fold her hands. She got her biopsy report. As per her report, she has Eczema. Her mother was happy with the improvement because she was taking other treatments before Life Force but didn’t get a satisfactory result. She was taking her vitamin D supplement regularly.


After taking homeopathic medicine for two more months, in March 2019, her condition was further improved by 25%. In February, the lesions on her hand lesion had increased, but, by March 2019, they too were better. Her symptoms were under control. There were no new eruptions.


In April 2019, her condition had aggravated mainly on her arms folds. Sticky watery discharge oozed from that eruptions. Her mother was worried about her. After reviewing the case, Dr. Shah did the required changes in her medicine.


After following the changed homeopathic medicine for a few months, she reported a good improvement in July 2019. Her eruptions had reduced. Watery discharge, dryness, and pain had reduced by more than 75%. She had stopped to take milk and milk products for 1 month. Her right thigh and knee fold lesions were cured.


Recently, in October 2019, she gave her feedback. She didn’t face any problem. The eruptions on her arms folds were almost cured. Only dull hyperpigmented patches were remaining. There was no pain, itching, scaling and dryness present. Her other eruptions were already relieved a few months back.


She was advised to take care of the diet and application of coconut oil regularly. Her parents were very happy with the result.



Homeopathy is strongly suggested for skin complaints, and it gives extremely good results in such chronic skin complaints. Early diagnosis, proper guidance, required diet, and the right prescription by an experienced homeopath are the key to get the early result.


(Written by Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (M.D.))


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