63-Years-Old Lady Suffering From Recurrent Aphthous Ulcer Improved 90% With Homeopathic Medicines At Life Force

A 63-year-old lady from Mumbai, Mrs. D.D. (PIN: 40234) visited Life Force Homeopathy, Kemp’s corner branch and started with the treatment for her complaint of Aphthous ulcer on 22nd May 2019.

She was suffering from it from the past 1 year, but it had turned very intense from 1 month. She was experiencing redness and severe burning in her inner cheeks and tongue. She was unable to open her mouth completely. She had so severe pain and burning discomfort that she could hardly eat normal food. The patient had to eat boiled food every day. She was unable to tolerate even a little spicy food. She was very sad and depressed because she was not able to eat what everybody else in the family was eating on the dining table. She was also losing weight gradually, as her diet was not desirable. She was applying a steroid-based ointment, but she got just temporary relief with it.

The patient was also suffering from diabetes for a long time and she was on anti-diabetic medicines for the same. Her diabetes was stable with conventional medicines.

Her appetite was decreasing gradually. She loved to eat spices or spicy food, but, because of the pain and burning in the mouth, she was unable to consume it. Her thirst was average. She enjoyed a good refreshing sleep.

She was staying in a joint family. She was very mild and gentle by nature. She was fearful of her illness. She always felt that she is never going to get relieved of this problem.

There was no major history of any past illness present. There was no major illness history in her family too.

After studying the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed her some research-based homeopathic medicines.


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When she gave the first follow-up on 25th June 2019, the patient reported no major difference with the medicines. All her pain, discomforts, and burning in the mouth were as it is. She was unable to eat normal food and that was only her major concern. The only difference observed was that she was now able to open her mouth completely. Based on this feedback, Dr. Shah prescribed her further medicines.

On 29th August 2019, the patient updated that she was almost 50% better in her relief in the complaints. Her relief in the pain and burning sensation was 50% better. She was able to take little spices/spicy food in her diet. Her weight started increasing gradually. The patient was overall very happy with the progress.

On 7th October 2019, the patient reported being further better. Her burning in the mouth was further reduced. She was able to eat properly now. She was overall improving with the medicines.

On 11th December 2019, the patient reported that she is almost 90% better. She said that she is perfectly fine with the medicines. Her pain and burning were almost 90% relieved. She had stopped using ointments and was just on homeopathic medicines. She is very happy, as she is now able to sit on the dining table with her family and enjoy the same food that others are eating.

The patient thanked Dr. Shah and the whole Life Force team for treating her, improving her health, and making her life normal like before.



This case illustrates that homeopathy is highly effective in treating aphthous ulcers incredibly and safely without any side-effects.


(Written by Dr. Kainaz, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah)

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