Dysmenorrhea Completely Relieved With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 19-year-old girl, Ms. A.B. (PIN: 28742) visited Life Force Homeopathy, Chembur branch for the treatment of her Dysmenorrhea (Pain during menses). 

The patient was suffering from Dysmenorrhea, which is pain during menses that used to last for 4-5 hours. She was experiencing an allergy with symptoms, such as watering, redness, and burning of eyes, gases, and constipation only during menses. She was underweight, and her weight was 43 kgs.

The patient was a vegetarian. She disliked eating green leafy vegetables and liked to have spicy foods. Her thirst was average, but she used to sweat profusely, particularly around her head area. Her motions were not satisfactory, and, sometimes, she had complaints of flatulence. Her menses were regular, but she had the complaint of Dysmenorrhea in the first 2 days.

She was studying in 10th Std. She was good at studies, but she used to take stress easily. She was reserved by nature and took her time to mix with people. She was obedient and a bit lazy. She also had a fear of dogs and water.

After studying her case history in detail and analyzing it, Dr. Shah prescribed research-based medicines to the patient.

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On her first follow-up, the patient reported no change in her pain during the menses. The pain lasted for 4-5 hours with no change. But, her other symptoms of allergy, such as watering, redness, and burning of eyes, gases, and constipation had reduced by 70%. Her weight was as it is 43 kgs.

On her second follow-up on 28th June 2016, she said that she had experienced a 50% improvement in relief in her pain during menses that lasted 4-5 hours. The intensity of the pain had reduced by 50%. She no more suffered from symptoms of allergy, such as watering, redness, and burning of eyes, gases, and constipation only during menses. She had experienced a 100% recovery from all these allergic symptoms. Her weight was as it is 43 kgs.

Later, when she gave a follow-up on 8th November 2016, she complained that her discomforting pain had increased in that month. She experienced cramps in the umbilical region and thighs. No symptoms of allergy were present. 

On her follow-up on 16th December 2016, she reported that her pain had reduced. Also, the intensity of her pain had reduced. No symptoms of allergy were present.

When she gave a follow-up on 1st February 2017, the patient said that her pain had reduced in that month. Also, the intensity of her pain had reduced. Her symptoms of allergy had increased again. Watering, redness, and burning of eyes, gases, constipation had increased in that month.

Later, on her follow-up on 27th June 2017, the patient informed that she had no pain in that month during her menses. Also, she no more felt any discomfort. She no more suffered from the complaints of allergy now.

On her follow-up on 5th June 2018, the patient mentioned that she experienced pain in that month, but the duration and intensity of her pain were very less as compared to that what was present when she had started the treatment.

On her follow-up on 27th August 2019, she mentioned that no significant pain was present in that month.

The patient is very happy with the homeopathic treatment that she received at Life Force for both her complaints of Vitiligo and Dysmenorrhea. She recovery from both the conditions successfully.



The case highlights that homeopathy not only gives instant relief from pain during menses but also reduces the duration and frequency of it effectively and safely without any side-effects as in this case.


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