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An Undiagnosed Lobular Panniculitis Was Diagnosed & Treated Successfully At Life Force Homeopathy

A 19-year-old CA student (PIN: 41166) consulted at Life Force in September 2019 for her chronic skin complaint. She had been suffering from this complaint for two years. On her first visit, a few small nodules were present beneath the skin of her legs. The pain was present after pressing it. A few small red rashes were also present on her hands. The patient informed that she had taken conventional medicine in the past, but her disease was not diagnosed yet. After taking conventional medicine, her symptoms had vanished. But hyperpigmented marks were remaining. And, after stopping the conventional medicine, symptoms reappeared.

Her case was taken in detail, and she was advised to do the biopsy and a few more blood tests.

Her biopsy report revealed the diagnosis of Lobular panniculitis. In her blood reports, her vitamins were severely low, so she was advised to take the vitamin supplement.


Physical Generals:

As far as her physical generals are concerned, she was very fond of sweets and spicy food. She was a non-vegetarian and liked eating junk food. She didn't like vegetables. Her bowel movement, sleep, menses, appetite, and thirst were normal. But, her perspiration was profuse and offensive.


Mental Sphere:

The patient was reserved, short-tempered, and stubborn. She had a fear of darkness and living alone. She was a very studious student. She was mature and well-behaved.


Self & Family History:

As per her family’s medical history, her paternal grandparents and her maternal grandmother were suffering from hypertension. There was no specific past medical history present.

After the detail case study and analysis, she was prescribed with Thuja 30 and Dr. Shah's research-based molecule.

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In October 2019, she reported the first time about her condition. Her recovery from the condition was improved by 25%. The size of nodules beneath her skin had reduced in size, & also the pain had vanished. She experienced a complete recovery from all the eruptions on her hand. There were no new eruptions and no other complaint present.

After four months of course of homeopathic medicines, her recovery from the condition improved drastically. There were no nodules on her legs anymore. Her hyperpigmented marks appeared dull in color. She had completed her vitamins supplement course.

She was advised to continue the medicine for a few more months for further recovery.


This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating lobular panniculitis successfully and safely without any side-effects.

  • Written by Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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