An Investment Research Analyst Was Happy On Experiencing Extremely Good Result In His Chronic Gastric Complaint

An Investment Research Analyst (PIN: 38875), who had been suffering from an IBS complaint for three years, consulted at the Life Force center in December 2018. The frequency of his episode of disease was once or twice a month. Whenever his symptoms appeared, it took a minimum of 7 to 12 days for him to recover. His disease was stable for two years but progressive since June 2018. He was experiencing abdominal pain, mainly after the meal, burning sensation, nausea, and bloating of the abdomen. He was suffering from constipation and passed the stool once in two days, but it was satisfactory. His appetite was normal but, still, he lost his weight continuously. He was sensitive to a few food items in his food intolerance test. Most often, his symptoms would get aggravated due to stress and the intake of milk, so he stopped having it and started following a restricted diet for five to six months. He was taking homeopathic medicine from another center for two months and, in his past, he had taken antibiotics with other conventional medicine but didn't get a satisfactory result.

In addition to IBS, he was also suffering from an anxiety disorder.

He was a non-vegetarian and very fond of chicken. His thirst was less. The patient had the habit of chewing tobacco and having alcohol, but he stopped both these habits for six months. His bowel movement, urination, and perspiration were normal. Also, his sleep was sound.

He was unmarried. In his family, his father was working as a professor and administrator, and his mother was also working as a professor. His younger brother was 18 years old and was studying in Vellore.

In his family, his father was suffering from gastritis, except for this, there was no specific past and family history.

He was very confident, expressive, and introverted by nature. He was a risk-taker and short-tempered. In 2016, he had experienced a lot of stress due to some family issues.

After the detailed case study, Dr. Shah prescribed him Phosphorus 30 and his research-based molecule. Also, the patient was advised to do some blood tests.

In his reports, chronic gastritis with H. Pylori infection was diagnosed. And, his vitamins were also low.

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In February 2019, when he gave his first feedback, his health had started to show some improvement. His all symptoms, such as bloating of the abdomen, burning sensation, pain, nausea, and heaviness in the chest, had reduced by 25%, but there was no change in his constipated stool. His anxiety had also reduced. He was taking homeopathic medicine regularly & following all suggested diet restrictions.

After two months of homeopathic treatment, when he gave his feedback on 8th April 2019, he reported more than 75% improvement in his relief in gastric complaints. He stopped eating non-vegetarian food but, after experiencing a good improvement in his condition, he started eating it but did not face any problem. He reported a new complaint of frequent cold, which he was experiencing for four months.

After taking homeopathic medicine for a few months, he has informed me about his condition in September 2019. He was very happy because he experienced a remarkable recovery from IBS. There were no gastric symptoms for four months, in spite of eating non-vegetarian food. His relief in anxiety was improved a lot.

He was quite satisfied with the result. As he no more experienced any complaint, he has stopped the treatment.



This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome incredibly and safely without any side effects.


  • Written by Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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