Complete Recovery From Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding Found With Homeopathy

A 40-year-old patient, Mrs. S.S. (PIN: 34785) visited Life Force Homeopathy clinic with the complaint of Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, which she was suffering from 2 years.

She was experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding once in 10-15 days and which would last for 8-10 days from the last 7-8 months. She was also suffering from weakness, backache, and leg pain. The sonographic report of her pelvis shows a mildly bulky uterus.

No other significant intrapelvic abnormality was noted.

She was a vegetarian. She liked eating fast foods, and she had no specific aversion to any food. Her water intake and perspiration were average. Thermally, she was ambithermal. She had an average physique. And, she had a sound sleep.

Based on her case details, Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. prescribed his research-based Homeopathic medicines for 2 months to the patient.

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On 30th January 2018, when she gave her first follow-up, she was overall better by 25%. She was having menses once in a month which lasted for 5 days. Weakness, backache, and leg pain had also reduced.

On 28th March 2018, she was better by 50%.

On 10th May 2018, she was experiencing heavy bleeding in the last 2 cycles.

On 7th August 2018, her condition was stable, and there were no menses since May 2018.

On 21st November 2018, her condition was further better by 25%.

On 11th November 2019, when she gave the latest follow-up, she was completely better. She was having a normal flow for 4 days. All of her associated symptoms were also completely better.



This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating Dysfunctional uterine bleeding successfully and safely without any side-effects.

  • Written by Dr. Benao, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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Results may vary from person to person

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