A Forest Officer Experienced A Remarkable Recovery From Long-Standing Psoriasis With Homeopathy

A 35-year-old patient from Karnataka (PIN: 35927) started online treatment from Life Force on 27th February 2018.

He had been suffering from extensive Psoriasis since 2014 without a period of remission. Almost his whole body, including his back, abdomen, scalp, and both the upper and lower extremities, was psoriasis-affected. By the time he reported to us, his hand and toenails were also affected.

The lesions, although small in size, were thick, scaly and had a discharge of pus from a few days. He complained of severe itching which would lead to bleeding after excessive scratching. Despite using steroidal local applications, his disease was progressing and he kept getting new lesions.

He had a significant past history of any illness, but he had a family history of Diabetes Mellitus.

He was following a mixed diet and had a strong craving for sweets.

By profession, he was a forest range officer and stayed with wife and his son. He did not complain of any major stress.

Dr. Shah studied and evaluated his case in detail and prescribed some research-based medicines for the next 8 weeks to the patient.

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The patient himself visited the clinic on 25th April 2018 for his first follow-up, and he reported a significant improvement in his relief in the lesions on the abdomen, back, and extremities, whereas the progress of disease had slowed down on the scalp and nails. He experienced around 60% reduction in the itching and scaling.

At the second follow-up on 9th July 2018, the patient reported complete recovery from all the patches on his body, including those on the scalp where the psoriatic patches had healed almost completely.

The patient was advised to taper off the steroidal applications gradually, due to which there was a mild increase of the patches at a few locations. The patient was guided regarding the steroid withdrawal flare-up which was anticipated and was advised to continue the homeopathic medicines. He responded very well, and we were able to achieve a successful stoppage of the use of steroids in his case.

On 11th October 2018, he again had new lesions on his abdomen and back. Dr. Shah reviewed the case and made the necessary changes were made in the prescription to which the patient responded well. He continued medicines for the next months for complete recovery.


This case illustrates the importance of gradual tapering off of steroid applications, educating the patient about the anticipated flare-up, and, how Homeopathy can safely and gently bring about recovery from chronic Psoriasis.

  • Written by Dr. Ritu C., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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