Leukoplakia Healed By 80% In Just 4 Months Of Homeopathic Treatment At Life Force

A 60-year-old male from Mumbai, Mr. C.M. (PIN: 42289) visited Kemp’s corner clinic and started Homeopathic treatment from Life Force for his complaint of Leukoplakia on 11th January 2020.  

He was suffering from it for 1 year. He was having a small ulcer on his upper palate. The patient had undergone biopsy and it was detected as Leukoplakia. He had operated it before a few months, but it relapsed. There were white patches in his mouth. He was suffering from the pain and burning in the mouth. He was not able to eat or drink properly. The patient was applying steroidal ointment but it was just giving temporary relief. His problem was not getting solved completely. Also, he had gastric complaints, for which he started homeopathic treatment from Life Force. He was also suffering from diabetes mellitus and hypertension, for which he was already taking allopathic medicines.

The appetite was average. He had a habit of smoking in the past but, from the last few years, he had stopped it. His thirst for water was average. There were no issues related to his urine and stool. His sleep was normal and sound.

The patient was a lawyer by profession and was doing his practice. His wife was a homemaker. He had one son and daughter who were studying in the school. He was very clever and an extrovert.

He never had any major illnesses in the past. There were no major illnesses in his family noticed during noting his case history.

After studying the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed some research-based homeopathic medicines to the patient.

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On 12th March 2020, when the patient gave the first follow up, he reported being quite better with the medicines. His ulcer had started healing. The white patches in his mouth had reduced. The pain and burning had alleviated. There was an overall improvement noticed in the patient’s health. He had stopped applying all allopathic ointments and was only on Homeopathy.

On 26th April 2020, the patient reported that he was almost 80% better with the medicines. The white patches were no longer present in his mouth. The ulcer on his palate had completely healed. He experienced just a very slight burning sensation in the mouth whenever he took spicy food in his diet. There was no spread of the disease, and his leukoplakia was completely healed now. He was completely better with the medicines.

The patient thanked Dr. Shah and the whole Life Force team for treating him and improving his health. He is continuing the treatment to finish the complete course and get completely better.



This case illustrates that homeopathy is highly effective in treating and healing leukoplakia successfully and safely without any side-effects.


  • Written by Dr. Kainaz, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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