Wow, I Can Now Get An Uninterrupted Sleep For More Than 6 Hours: Said A Recovered Patient Of Chronic Insomnia Thanking Homeopathy

A 29-year-old male patient from a small town in Orissa, Mr. K R. (PIN: 41614) registered himself for the Online Homeopathic Treatment at Life Force on 30th October 2019 for his complaints of Chronic Insomnia, which is also known as Sleeplessness. As described by the patient, he was suffering from Sleeplessness since February 2019, (from 9 months when started our treatment). He could hardly sleep for 3 hours.

As per the history given by him, irregular sleeping habits for a long time ultimately led to Sleeplessness.

He used to wake up in the middle of the sleep due to scary dreams (every alternate day) and, thereafter, felt would be sleepless. Because of this complaint, he could not wake up with a refreshed mind and body and did not feel like working. He often used to make mistakes due to his inability to focus. He had to take sedatives and anxiolytics regularly which in turn helped him to sleep not more than 3 hours. 

By nature, he was over-anxious, nervous, hypochondriac, and had a mind studded with negative thoughts. He had the fear of diseases and accidents. Also, he had the fear of ghosts so much so that he was unable to watch horror movies. Most of the time, he used to remain sad, gloomy, and guilty for nothing. He used to get suicidal thoughts.

He had a history of an epileptic attack and occasional complaint of Palpitation, for which he also took a conventional treatment course. He also experienced difficulties while urinating.

His work profile included marketing work, for which he had to travel on his bike. He also used to do workouts and exercises in the gymnasium for nearly 2 hours every day. Though his day made him tired, he could not get refreshing sleep. His appetite had reduced, and he had an average thirst. He used to sweat very little even while exercising. He had an extreme liking for meat and eggs and disliked spicy foods. His disturbed sleep was accompanied by fearful and scary dreams of accident, snakes, self-killing, and falling from a height.

He was staying with his parents and sister and was having no stressful relations. He also has a history of diabetes running in the family.

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At Life Force:

Based on individualization, he was been prescribed Dr. Shah’s research-based Homeopathic medicines. At the start of treatment, he was taking sedatives and anxiolytics regularly.

He was reviewed after 8 weeks of treatment. As per his follow-up, he improved by 50% in the first month itself. His nature, state of mind, and relief in anxiety had improved significantly. His fearful dreams had reduced to a great extent. Anxiety-related palpitation had also reduced. He was prescribed medicines as per his follow-up for the next 2 months.

When the patient gave the follow-up in the first week of March 2020, his relief in the complaints had improved further. He could enjoy a refreshing and uninterrupted sleep of 5-6 hours. He was feeling at ease. He was prescribed medicines as per his follow-up for the next 2 months.

As per his follow-up taken in April 2020, his recovery from the complaints was better by 70%-80% in just 6 months of homeopathic treatment. He was extremely happy. Overall, he was healthy and happy. Even his voice over the phone sounded much relaxed. He was prescribed maintaining doses to enhance the recovery process.




This case illustrates that Research-Based Homeopathic medicines of Dr. Shah can treat chronic insomnia excellently. Even the cases having a long-term dependency on conventional medicines can benefit incredibly with homeopathy.

  • Written by Dr. Kinjal Sheth, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah 
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